Former wrestler Chris Harris has had a storied career in the wrestling industry, making a significant impact in TNA and also having a stint in WWE. In a recent interview with Steve Fall for Ringside News, Harris shed light on the pay structures of both promotions.

Contrary to popular belief, Harris revealed that the pay was fairly similar between TNA and WWE during his time. While WWE offered potential and opportunity, which was enticing, the financial aspect was not drastically different from what he was earning in TNA.

Harris emphasized that he was not solely driven by money and was content with the offers from both companies. He believed in his ability to capitalize on opportunities and increase his earnings over time, especially with WWE’s structure that rewards hard work.

While the pay may have been similar back then, Harris acknowledged that the landscape has likely changed since his time in the industry. Today, big promotions like WWE tend to offer significantly higher salaries compared to smaller ones like Impact Wrestling.


“You asked about comparing the money between TNA and WWE. The interesting part is that it was actually equal. I was making very good money with TNA, and I was happy with that. What WWE was offering me was about the same. To go to WWE, they always talk about potential and opportunity. I was 100% on board with that. Just give me the opportunity, and I’ll take it and maybe increase my pay each year.

I wasn’t a big money guy where that was a major concern. What they were offering, I was okay with. I felt like I could work on that and make more as we go. I don’t remember the entire structure of the contract, but I think they call it the downside guarantee. The more you work, the more you get paid. So, I was okay with that. The answer to your question is that it was basically the same.”

As the wrestling industry evolves, so do the financial dynamics within it. While Harris’s revelation may surprise some, it provides valuable insight into the behind-the-scenes aspects of professional wrestling.

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Ishaan Rathi

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