TNA has undergone substantial changes since returning to its roots with the Hard to Kill pay-per-view in January. Recently, Eric Bischoff commented on what TNA needs to do to become a viable third option in the wrestling industry.

In the current world of professional wrestling, WWE and AEW are the two major North American promotions professional wrestlers aspire to be in as they have a stronghold on the industry.

On the latest episode of Wise Choices, Eric Bischoff delved into the future of TNA Wrestling. Regarding what TNA Wrestling needs to do to establish itself as a true third option in wrestling, Bischoff emphasized the importance of securing television deals. He explained that without significant revenue from television licensing, TNA would struggle to sustain growth or even remain in business.

Bischoff underscored the necessity of generating substantial annual revenue from television agreements to facilitate production and expansion. He suggested that without this financial backing, TNA’s current trajectory, regardless of the show’s quality or the talent involved, would likely remain stagnant.


“Here’s what it’s gonna take: television. Without the television revenue, without the licensing revenue that television potentially has — they don’t tour, they’re never going to make enough money on pay-per-views to sustain any growth, or less probably really stay in business — unless and until TNA is able to find a way to make a significant portion of its annual revenue from a television licensing deal that is going to be sufficient to let them produce and grow. They’re going to continue to do what they’re doing now regardless of the quality, or the talent. The quality of the show, or the talent of the people behind the scenes or in front of the camera. It just is what it is.”

TNA is also trying to lock in new permanent venue for the weekly show. Only time will tell whether TNA will eventually manage to bag a genuinely good television deal with a major network.

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Subhojeet Mukherjee

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