The end of last week’s WWE NXT episode saw the sudden emergence of popular wrestling star, Ethan Page in the Black and Gold brand. He made a statement by attacking NXT Champion Trick Williams and left the fans buzzing.

Ethan Page arrived in style for the June 4th edition of WWE NXT and gave GM Ava a hard time in negotiating a contract with her brand. Giving in to his demands at the insistence of Trick Williams, Ava sanctioned a live contract signing in front of the NXT Universe for Ethan Page.

During the sit-down signing with Ava, Page lived up to his moniker “All Ego” bragging about his supremacy while proclaiming that he was done waiting for opportunities and was ready to take them. This led to a huge argument between Ava and Ethan Page until NXT Champion Trick Williams interrupted the proceedings.

This led to both men getting in each other’s faces leading to a heated verbal back and forth. Following that, Ethan Page signed the NXT contract with Ava being hesitant to sign herself due to Ethan demanding an NXT title match at Battleground to end the “Whoop That Trick” movement.


With Trick Williams’ assurance, Ava did sign on the dotted line making Ethan Page the newest star of her roster while setting the stage for a massive title showdown for NXT Battleground.

What are your thoughts on Ava signing Ethan Page to WWE NXT? Has she made a mistake agreeing to his demands? Sound off in the comments!

Nikunj Walia

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