Rey Mysterio is true veteran in the world of professional wrestling and is universally beloved in the business. Unfortunately, there have been many times where he has been betrayed by those he thought were close and Mysterio has now addressed the multiple betrayals.

The Master of The 619 is well-versed in the art of forging alliances within the professional wrestling realm. However, in this world where nothing endures forever, these alliances inevitably fracture, leading former comrades down the path of rivalry and confrontation.

A staple of Mysterio’s career is the recurring theme of betrayal, with him often being the unfortunate target of such treachery, setting the stage for intense rivalries. Whether it’s Batista, Santos Escobar, Carlito, or even his own son Dominik Mysterio.

Speaking with Bleacher Report, Rey Mysterio explained why he often finds himself on the receiving end of attacks. He attributed it to his overly friendly nature and the fact he just finds it too hard to be mad and that he always ends up trusting the wrong people.


“I’m too friendly with people and because I don’t know how to get mad and I can’t be the bad guy, even at home. “My wife sometimes will tell me, ‘You have to show them a little bit more attitude.’ I’m just so chill. I’m so relaxed. I can’t change that character I’ve been for so many years, my whole life. I always end up trusting the wrong people and that’s my problem. Maybe one day I’ll just snap and go crazy.”

Rey Mysterio also named an unexpected opponent for his retirement match, who just happens to be someone who betrayed him in the past. Nevertheless, we certainly hope Mysterio doesn’t get betrayed again in the future.

Do you feel Rey Mysterio is at fault for all the times he was betrayed? Sound off in the comments section below!

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