The WWE QR code saga continues to captivate fans, sparking speculation and excitement about its true meaning. Amidst the ongoing WWE King and Queen of the Ring PLE, the mysterious dark force, rumored to be led by Uncle Howdy, once again struck the audience’s screen.

This enigma began at the close of WrestleMania 40, where a QR code appeared, leading to a cryptic message when scanned. This triggered a series of codes and mysterious messages on WWE programming each week.

Moreover, just hours before the event in Saudi Arabia began, WWE’s WhatsApp Channel shared distorted image of the King and Queen of the Ring graphic before being swiftly deleted. At the start of the triple threat match for the WWE Intercontinental Championship, another QR Code appeared on tonight’s King of the Ring broadcast.

When scanned, it led to a phone call being dialed and transitioning further into a dark living room, where a WWE 2K gameplay featuring Bayley and Belair was being played. The video was seemingly being recorded by a dark figure who then panned the camera to a mirror wall dropping their glimpse before the screen read ‘Connection Lost.’


As speculation mounts, fans have theorized about WWE superstars such as Bo Dallas, Nikki Cross, Dexter Lumis, and Joe Gacy potentially joining forces to solve the mystery, adding intrigue to the storyline. With anticipation building for a possible revelation on tonight’s show, it seems that the dark force is upon us in Saudi Arabia ready for takeover.

What are your thoughts on the QR Code flashed during the broadcast of WWE King and Queen of the Ring PLE? Sound off in the comments!

Nikunj Walia

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