The highly speculative and mysterious QR code shenanigans during WWE broadcasts have become a focal point for fans in recent memory. The latest development tied not only to the late WWE superstar, Bray Wyatt but also to his former ally, Alexa Bliss.

During a recent episode of RAW, the quarter-final match in the Queen of the Ring tournament between IYO Sky and Shayna Baszler saw the QR code glitch appear. This code led fans to a webpage containing twenty image files, each with cryptic messages, artifacts, and other intriguing content.

Notably, most of these image files when opened had messages written on a piece of paper and lying on the wooden flooring of a house. Interestingly, the floor looked very similar to the one in Alexa Bliss’ house.

Additionally, one image file included a newspaper clipping about missing woman named Wendy Lucho, who also had a connection with Bray Wyatt’s alter ego, The Fiend, dating back to another popular WWE segment.


Furthermore, it has been rumored for weeks that the mystery would conclude with the revelation of Bo Dallas under his previous gimmick, Uncle Howdy, and his allies of underutilized WWE stars. So, the latest clues from RAW only add to the intrigue, setting the stage for their highly anticipated debut, which could be imminent.

What are your thoughts on Alexa Bliss’ possible connection with the ongoing QR Code mystery? Sound off in the comments!

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