The grand spectacle in Saudi Arabia, WWE Super ShowDown in 2019 saw Goldberg and The Undertaker face off in a highly anticipated Icon vs Icon match, marking the first time the two legends clashed in the ring.

However, the match was widely criticized by fans and personalities for its quality, largely due to Goldberg not being in the right condition to compete after reportedly suffering concussion during his entrance and almost breaking The Undertaker’s neck with a botched move.

Wrestling veteran Matt Hardy, on the latest episode of The Extreme Life Of Matt Hardy, recalled the scene in the locker room during the match. He mentioned that many people, including himself and current WWE superstar Randy Orton, were gathered around the monitor to watch the bout.

“I remember watching it beside Randy Orton, it was a locker room sellout. I just remember that deal were Taker came down on his head, just the looks in between people like.. people were pretty shocked by it. I think a lot of talent were worried that the match was going to be what it ended up being as opposed to like being able to like get through something that was solid but quick and impactful. Unfortunately, I think there were a lot of people that thought it would end up being like it was and it ended up being that way.”


The former ECW Champion noted that there was a sense of shock among those watching, especially when The Undertaker appeared to land on his head during the match. He explained that while some in the locker room were concerned that the match would turn out poorly, others were hoping for a quick and impactful bout.

“I don’t think people were anticipating a disaster, I think everyone hoped they would go out and they would put in five good solid smart quality minutes of entertainment. I think people knew it had the potential to not be great, so I think that’s why so many people were watching it. I remember as the match went on and the deeper it got over those next few minutes, everyone was watching it.”

The Undertaker took retired from WWE in 2020 on the 30th anniversary of his debut on the WWE Survivor Series. While Goldberg is currently a free agent with signs of returning to the global juggernaut at the moment for another explosive run.

What were your thoughts on the iconic match between The Undertaker and Goldberg? Did u also expect it to be a disaster and were left disappointed too after watching the match? Sound off in the comments!

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