Earlier this year, Paul Walter Hauser, winner of the Outstanding Supporting Actor in a Limited or Anthology Series or Movie at the Emmy Awards for his role in “Black Bird,” delivered a memorable acceptance speech filled with wrestling references.

Hauser mentioned “beating” Matt Cardona, gave a shoutout to Kota Ibushi, referenced the Wolfpac and DDP, and concluded with a Dudley Boyz quote by exclaiming, “get the tables.”

While speaking to Steve Fall for Ringside News, Paul Walter Hauser was asked about mentioning Matt Cardona during his Emmy speech and his other pro wrestling references. Hauser emphasized that it wasn’t overly strategic but rather consisted of planned remarks aimed at creating buzz for their upcoming bout at the time.

‘It wasn’t really that strategic, you know. It was more just things I had already planned to say to promote me and Matt Cardona’s match. He and I had a match set for the pro wrestling revolver, and Sammy Callahan was kind enough to set that up and book me for a show. I just wanted to get eyeballs on the show.”


Hauser acknowledged his opportunistic nature, both in Hollywood and wrestling, stating his intentions to conduct good business. He revealed the spontaneous decision to mention Cardona’s name only hours before the event. On top of that, he shed light on his “get the tables” catchphrase, attributing it to celebratory moments shared with his manager.

”So, you know, like anybody, I’m an opportunist in Hollywood and an opportunist in wrestling and in all facets of life. So I was just trying to do some good business there. But I do love the idea that no one knew I was dropping his name. I didn’t really decide to until a couple of hours before when I was sitting in the crowd. So that was fun. And then, you know, like the ‘get the tables’ thing, I said that when I won my Golden Globe a year prior, and that’s just the thing my manager and I say to each other. It’s kind of like our mantra when we’re doing really well. We’re like, ‘Get the tables, baby, here we go,’ like we’re setting them up for the finish.”

Paul Walter Hauser already confirmed being in talks with TNA Wrestling. Regardless, we will have to wait and see whether Hauser will eventually become a champion in professional wrestling as well.

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