Kenny Omega’s journey toward full recovery has taken a significant step forward with a recent development.

According to Fightful Select‘s Sean Ross Sapp, Kenny Omega underwent surgery last week to address his battle with diverticulitis. The procedure took place in New York on May 16, shedding light on photos circulating online featuring Omega in the area.

As of now, there are no concrete creative plans for Omega within AEW, with expectations for a prolonged period of recovery. Omega had been out of action since mid-December 2023, leading to his removal from the World’s End PPV. His return to television saw him scripted off by The Elite, who orchestrated a brutal attack.

“There are currently no creative plans for Omega in AEW at the time, and they’re expecting a lengthy recovery. Omega had been sidelined since mid-December 2023 before being pulled from the World’s End PPV. Omega returned to TV to be written off for a while by The Elite, who attacked him.”


Omega had earlier mentioned in Twitch stream that he was scheduled for surgery “very, very, very soon.”

“I have a wonderful doctor that I was able to find. And he is someone who is the top — the top of his field,” Omega said. “And he is very hard to get appointments with and he’s very hard to get surgeries with. However, he has done me a solid and I will actually be getting surgery very, very, very soon.”

Our thoughts and best wishes are with Kenny Omega as he navigates this journey toward recovery, and we hope for his swift return to health.

What are your thoughts on Kenny Omega’s surgery and the impact it will have on his career and AEW? How do you feel about his prolonged absence and the storyline involving The Elite? Share your well-wishes for Kenny Omega’s recovery and any predictions for his return in the comment section below!

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