The WWE Universe erupted in discontent when the name “Viking Experience” was unveiled.

Among those discontented was Viking Raider Ivar, who, along with a host of others, found the moniker displeasing. However, amidst the disapproval, there was reportedly “one man” who favored the name.

Ivar and his tag team partner, Erik, had carved out their legacy as War Machine and the War Raiders during their tenure in NXT. However, their transition to the main roster in 2019 brought about a renaming that left many fans cringing. The transformation to the ‘Viking Experience’ on Monday Night Raw was met with ridicule, with fans deeming the title as nothing short of absurd.

Promptly following the backlash, a compromise emerged, birthing the name ‘Viking Raiders,’ a nod to their former identity. Shedding light on the naming process, Ivar delved into the backstage discussions during an episode of the Insight podcast.


“Vince [McMahon] adores Vikings. So, upon learning of an NXT team with a Viking persona, he was keen on their acquisition. ‘Yes, I want them,’ he declared. He insisted on the inclusion of ‘Viking’ in our name, but legal hurdles impeded any progress. There were already trademarked entities like the Vikings football team and the Vikings TV show. Every proposed name hit a legal dead end.”

“And then, in a meeting, someone—I won’t disclose who—was asked, ‘What defines them? Describe their essence!’ And a response was offered, ‘they’re this, they’re that. They’re like a Viking… Experience.’ That was it! They became the Viking Experience. However, apart from that unnamed individual, no one was content with the choice. Yet, we were stuck with it.”

The discontent reverberated not just among fans but within the backstage corridors as well, save for the solitary supporter.

The decision to amend the name in response to fan outrage demonstrated a rare instance of WWE heeding the sentiments of its audience, a departure from the norm. Subsequently, the Viking Raiders ascended, clinching the Raw Tag Team Championships and cementing their status as one of WWE’s premier teams on the main roster.

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H Jenkins

H Jeknins is a News Correspondent at Ringside News, keeping wrestling fans updated with timely and accurate reports on all things wrestling.

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