WWE’s Natalya has set her sights on a potential WrestleMania main event showdown with a rising star from NXT, expressing her aspirations during a recent appearance on WWE’s The Bump.

Addressing her desire for opportunities beyond the weekly grind, Natalya boldly predicted a future clash at the pinnacle of WWE’s biggest event. Reflecting on her past interactions with NXT standout Roxanne Perez, Natalya praised Perez’s talent and their shared chemistry in the ring.

“Roxanne [Perez] is amazing. She’s actually trained with me in The Dungeon. I enjoyed training with her… and getting to compete against her. I think she’s so talented,” Natalya remarked on The Bump.

Despite Perez’s villainous persona on TV, Natalya emphasized their natural connection and expressed enthusiasm for the prospect of facing her again. She went on to extend an ambitious invitation to Perez, suggesting a WrestleMania main event as a potential stage for their showdown.


“I can’t wait to wrestle Roxanne again soon and I think, down the road… I wouldn’t even mind main-eventing WrestleMania with Roxanne.”

While outlining her admiration for Perez’s dedication and passion for wrestling, Natalya recounted a poignant moment from their past encounter. She recalled meeting Perez when the NXT star was just 13 years old during the filming of Total Divas, where Perez had eagerly sought advice from Natalya and the Bella Twins about pursuing a career in WWE.

“I mean, I have big dreams too, but she’s so talented and she truly is a student of the game, she loves this, she loves WWE, she has loved wrestling since she was a little girl.”

In light of Natalya’s revelation, speculation mounts over her future with WWE, with reports indicating that her current contract is set to expire in just two weeks. As Natalya continues to carve her path in the wrestling world, her aspirations for a WrestleMania main event offer a glimpse into her unwavering ambition and dedication to the sport.

As Natalya’s contract nears its end, what could this mean for her future in WWE, and how might her envisioned WrestleMania clash with Roxanne Perez shape the landscape of women’s wrestling? Share your thoughts and predictions in the comments below, and join the conversation.

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