WWE executed series of layoffs today, impacting several long-standing employees within the organization.

At press, the specific divisions affected by these layoffs remain unspecified, though it is believed that multiple areas within the company have been hit. This development closely follows the recent announcement of a merger between the UFC and WWE live events divisions, leading to speculation about the connection between these two events.

“We are told there were ‘a few’ layoffs, including some long-standing employees. While we have not confirmed the specific divisions involved, it is believed to span more than one area of the company,” reported PWInsider.

In an update from Fightful Select, Kristen Prouty was named as one of the individuals let go. Prouty, who had been with WWE since 2000, held the position of Senior VP of Entertainment Relations for nearly 20 years and played a key role in securing the Logan Paul deal.


Another significant departure is Tavia Hartley, who was hired in 2021 as a Talent Operations and Appearances Manager.

As of now, there have been no reports of talent cuts.

This move follows the company’s announcement last month of a series of talent releases, which included notable names like  Xyon QuinnJinder MahalVon Wagner and Cameron Grimes.

As WWE navigates this phase of corporate restructuring, more updates and details about the layoffs are anticipated. Stay informed with Ringside News for the latest information.

What are your thoughts on these recent layoffs at WWE? How do you think they will affect the company’s future? Do you see a connection between these layoffs and the recent UFC and WWE live events division merger? Share your insights and feelings in the comments below!

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