Update: Ringside News has learned that Jinder Mahal actually didn’t quit the company. Instead he was released.

WWE is riding the coattails of the staggering business they did with WrestleMania 40 lately and has ushered into a new era with WWE CCO Triple H leading the charge. Amidst the ongoing success, former WWE champion Jinder Mahal dropped an unexpected message that left the fans stunned.

Jinder Mahal unexpectedly became a focal point of conversation, surprising fans worldwide at the start of 2024. He found himself in the spotlight when The Rock made a memorable return at WWE RAW Day 1. The Rock’s playful mockery of Mahal culminated in his signature move, the People’s Elbow, delivering a humorous moment.

The Modern Day Maharaja capitalized on this exposure to secure WWE World Heavyweight Title match against Seth Rollins. However, his aspirations were dashed as he fell short of capturing the championship.


Moreover, Jinder Mahal had been absent from WWE televised matches since his defeat to Seth Rollins in January. Now, out of nowhere, Mahal resurfaced on social media, taking to his X to announce that he is quitting WWE with his profile also listing him as a free agent for 90 days.

“I Quit. Maharaja Out 💰.”

In a year that was looking promising for Jinder Mahal, he has decided to take a huge career altering decision after citing frustrations over lack of recogntion and possibly looking forward to conquer new mountains in order to become a more credible star in the wrestling business. Stay tuned to Ringside News as we follow up on this story.

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