Nia Jax’s comeback to WWE has been nothing short of triumphant, marking a significant resurgence in her career. Since her departure in 2021, she made a strong return last year, wowing fans with powerful performances and a prominent presence in major storylines. A key factor in her development has been the guidance of Paul Heyman, who has played a crucial role in one specific area.

Since her return in 2023, Nia Jax has established herself as a dominant force in WWE, commanding ample screen time and becoming deeply involved in captivating storylines. From her pursuit of the WWE Women’s World Championship to memorable rivalries with Becky Lynch and Liv Morgan, she has been a central figure in the wrestling scene. Her resurgence and resilience can be credited to a transformative shift in mindset, propelling her to new heights of success in the industry.

One of the most noticeable improvements in Nia Jax is her promo skills. She now delivers promos with a newfound confidence, leaving fans curious about who has been instrumental in her progress.

Ringside News reached out to WWE producers to uncover who has been working closely with Nia Jax. It was revealed that Paul Heyman has been the driving force behind her enhanced promo abilities, dedicating significant time to helping her hone this crucial aspect of her performance.


Currently, Nia Jax is focused on the Queen of the Ring tournament semifinals on SmackDown this week. All eyes will be on her to see if she advances to the finals, with Paul Heyman undoubtedly cheering her on.

Nia Jax’s journey in WWE showcases the impact of dedicated mentorship and a relentless drive to improve. Her evolution in the ring and on the mic is a testament to her hard work and the invaluable support from Paul Heyman.

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Subhojeet Mukherjee

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