The Rock is undoubtedly one of the most popular and busiest stars in the world with a schedule that is completely filled with a lot of major commitments. His multiple ventures led him to travel nationally and internationally across the world and recently gave an interesting tip for people who travel across time zones.

The Final Boss of WWE took to his X to reveal a page from his own playbook of international travel strategy while arriving in Cannes, France from Vancouver, Canada. He advised the people to hit the gym and get a workout done upon their arrival in a new country.

As for The Rock, the strategy helps him to recalibrate and reenergize his system to be ready to get his commitments done and avoid passing out like Jabba The Hutt. Moreover, he also believed that the same could be beneficial for other international travelers as well should they adopt the strategy.

International travel strategy tip 🌍 ✈️


Land in whatever country you’ve arrived at and if you can

Hit. The. Gym.

For me, it recalibrates & reenergizes my system, keeps me sharp, alert – and ready to go.

Just flew from Vancouver, Canada 🇨🇦 to Cannes, France 🇫🇷 — gotta immediately hit the gym now to work out my fatigue and brain fog – otherwise I’ll go to my hotel, order room service, shower, and eventually pass out ugly and hard like Jabba the Hutt 💀👹

Next time you travel abroad, hit the gym and break a sweat. It’ll make a big difference in anchoring you back in so you can optimize your work day.

au revoir

~ jabba

Following his hiatus from WWE after WrestleMania 40, The Rock began his MMA training for his new project, ‘Smashing Machine’ where he will essay the role of former UFC Champion, Mark Kerr.

While his WrestleMania 41 plans remain uncertain at the moment, it has been speculated that he would battle his arch-nemesis Cody Rhodes for his championship at The Show of Shows. While the event is far away from now, he is focusing on his outside commitments and adopting his international travel strategy to do it more efficiently.

What are your thoughts on The Rock’s advise to get a workout upon arrival in another country to revitalize one’s system and be more energized? Sound off in the comments!

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