The iconic presence of The Final Boss, The Rock was evident on the road to WrestleMania 40, where he returned to in-ring action after eight years and Roman Reigns joined forces against Cody Rhodes and Seth Rollins, securing a victory in a highly anticipated match.

A month removed, The Rock has transitioned away from wrestling and immersing himself in his latest cinematic endeavor, ‘The Smashing Machine.’ The project delves into the biopic of former UFC Champion Mark Kerr, exploring both his professional journey in the intense world of mixed martial arts and his personal struggles.

Assuming the lead role, The Rock is poised to embody the complexities of Kerr’s life with his trademark dedication. He also shared Day 1 of his training session and kept the fans updated on his road to preparation.

The Final Boss once again took to his X to drop photos from another MMA training session. He credited Black House for allowing him to conduct his training camp in their premises for his upcoming project. Moreover, he outlined his intentions about paying homage to Mark Kerr in the film, who was a prime example of rising above all odds both personally and professionally.


Training camp – working hard to learn and absorb everything I can. Thank you

@BlackHouseMMA for allowing me the privilege of training in your gym as I prepare for the role of Mark Kerr, in “The Smashing Machine”. Mark was a two time

@UFC Heavyweight World Tournament Champion and World Vale Tudo Champion. A true honor for me to pay homage & respect to this legendary MMA Godfather, all MMA fighters, the MMA community and to all our athletes who’ve struggled with mental health and addiction. #trainingcamp#smashingmachine#а24 written & directed by benny safdie.”

While his focus shifted towards cinematic endeavors, The People’s Champion stirred some controversy within WWE by seemingly taking undue credit for the company’s success. Despite this, speculation persists regarding The Rock’s potential return to the wrestling ring for another match in 2024, leaving fans eager for further developments.

What are your thoughts on The Rock’s ongoing MMA Training camp for the upcoming film, “The Smashing Machine?” Sound off in the comments!

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