R-Truth came back during the Survivor Series Premium Live Event last year and was on mission to join The Judgment Day. Things are completely different now as R-Truth currently detests the faction and even vowed to end them for good after RAW this week.

For months, R-Truth persistently believed he belonged to The Judgment Day stable, striving to join their ranks. However, the stable eventually turned against him, leading Truth to align himself with The Miz. The two would then go on to become tag team champions.

During the May 13 episode of Monday Night RAW, Finn Balor and JD McDonagh of Judgment Day secured title shot against The Awesome Truth after some help from Carlito.

While speaking on RAW Talk, The Miz and R-Truth were questioned about their upcoming match against Judgment Day. The Miz noted that they have already beaten The Judgment Day before and will do it again.


The most surprising statement came from R-Truth, as he would go on to state that he wants to end The Judgment Day for good, clearly moving on from his past involvement with the faction.

The Miz: ”It’s not our first rodeo, no. We beat them before, we can do it again, as long as Truth still believes that he is not in Judgment Day, nor wants to be in Judgment Day.”

R-Truth: ”I was, dawg. But that’s yesterday’s news. I used to want to be in Judgment Day. Used to. No way, that’s not me. We’re talking about now. Right now. I don’t want to be in Judgment Day. I want to end Judgment Day. Can we do that?”

The Miz: ”That’s exactly what we’re gonna do when we defend our titles against them because we are awesome.”

We will have to wait and see whether The Awesome Truth will be able to successfully retain their World Tag Team Championships against The Judgment Day, as there could be a chance The Judgment Day steal the win.

Do you believe The Awesome Truth will be able to retain their titles against The Judgment Day? Let us know in the comments section below!

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