WWE has clearly transitioned into a new era, with significant changes in the product that have drawn unprecedented attention and engagement. Under the leadership of WWE Chief Content Officer Paul “Triple H” Levesque, the company has seen a resurgence in both viewership and fan interest. Recent reports have suggested that WWE’s PG era is over and we have more clarification in that regard.

With Triple H now leading WWE’s creative vision, there has been a shift toward a more mature approach to storytelling. This change has been exemplified by moments such as allowing Cody Rhodes to bleed during an angle with The Rock, a practice that had been previously restricted.

It was initially reported that WWE had relaxed PG guidelines for their top Superstars. However, Dave Meltzer in the Wrestling Observer Newsletter reported that WWE’s PG era has come an end.

While speaking on Fightful Select’s Q&A podcast, Sean Ross Sapp reported that even if a show is officially rated PG, the content and tone are significantly influenced by sponsor expectations, making the interpretation of “PG” subjective in practice.


It was further noted that wrestling has the capacity to include kid-friendly characters while maintaining a level of storytelling that doesn’t insult the intelligence of older audiences. Sponsors play a significant role in defining what is appropriate for a PG-rated show, guiding creative decisions and content choices in wrestling. Thus, while WWE may officially be rated PG, the actual direction of the programming is shaped by a combination of sponsor guidelines, audience expectations, and the creative team’s vision.

“Even if they rated their TV PG, it’s all subjective to what the sponsors say. It’s completely subjective in that sense. I think wrestling is in a position where they can have kid-friendly characters and not insult the intelligence of the audience and have a more centrical show than they been having.”

Nevertheless, WWE is already incorporating different kinds of mature content in their current product. Therefore, even if they remain PG, it will not be something that adult fans won’t like.

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