Bryan Danielson is unquestionably one of the premier professional wrestlers in the world and he has squared off against the best the world has to offer. With that said, Danielson admits he is afraid of fan expectations for a match with Nigel McGuinness.

Nigel McGuinness has provided commentary for both ROH and AEW Collision, but fans wondered whether he would actually return to the squared circle. After all, reports suggested that he had been taking measures to try to return to the ring. That never happened as McGuinness confirmed match with Bryan Danielson was not going to happen at AEW All In.

Interestingly enough, Nigel McGuinness revealed that he got back into the ring earlier this year. While speaking to Justin Dhillon on TWC Show, The American Dragon admitted that he is afraid of fan expectations for a match with Nigel McGuinness.

Yeah, hmm, it’s interesting because… I would love to wrestle Nigel (McGuinness). I get afraid of fan expectations of what it would be… And I don’t know how many people have actually seen our matches but it’s like, they were very physical matches. That’s the thing that I would be afraid of is people’s expectations of what they think it should be. Not that they would do it now, but if they did it when they were like 55, Ric Flair and Ricky Steamboat. By the way, I would bet at 55 with both of them, it would be fantastic.


Ricky Steamboat is just unbelievable still. We’ve had him. In the Strap match (in AEW) and he was just there at Revolution for Sting’s last match. He’s great! Just great and he’s in great shape, all that kind of stuff… I’m sure he could (still do a great arm drag). I bet he bench presses more than me. So yeah, he’s in great shape but, I guess that would be my big fear is fan expectation.

Bryan Danielson has also revealed where he plans to have his final match, but it’s not known whether Danielson will ever square off against Nigel McGuinness, as it could still be a banger.

Do you feel Bryan Danielson vs Nigel McGuinness will still happen in AEW? Let us know in the comments section below!

Subhojeet Mukherjee

Subhojeet, a professional wrestling fan for over 20+ years, found his passion during the Monday Night Wars. With expertise honed over decades and a broad spectrum of interests including TV, movies, anime, novels, and music, he offers insightful analysis and coverage. Respected in the industry, Subhojeet keeps fans informed and engaged with his knowledge and perspective.

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