Adam Copeland is considered to be one of the most accomplished and talented in-ring veterans of the wrestling business. Copeland, previously known as Edge was a mainstay in WWE before last summer changed everything.

WWE’s rival competitor, AEW, produced a spectacular show, WrestleDream delivering a night filled with unforgettable moments, with Adam Copeland’s debut standing out as the pinnacle of the event. Having spent 25 years with WWE, Copeland’s transition to AEW marks a significant shift in his career trajectory, firmly establishing AEW as his new professional home.

During recent interview on Insight with Chris Van Vliet, Adam Copeland revealed that he and WWE were in two completely different creative thought processes. He wanted to be a full-time performer and tell compelling stories each week on live television, but they envisioned him more as a veteran part-time attraction to keep his aura special.

Moreover, the former WWE Champion also claimed that he looked at the AEW roster and believed that there was a lot of talent he never threw punches with, leading to talks with AEW and his exit from WWE.


“It just really felt that they were going in a direction and I was going in a direction and they were kinda going separate ways and I wanted to be with this limited window I have, I wanted to be involved. I wanted to be there on a weekly basis to tell proper stories and it’s tough to do that popping in and out every three months or so. And I also get that well, that keeps it special and I understand that, but again, I’m working with such a limited timeframe here, that I got to go while I can go. And I looked at the roster and I thought man, so many people that I’ve never laid hands on and been in the ring with.”

Furthermore, Copeland dismissed notions of betrayal after his switch to AEW, emphasizing his focus on delivering outstanding performances in his current role as the reigning AEW TNT Champion. For him, the quality of his matches and his contribution to the wrestling community take precedence over any perceived allegiances, solidifying his commitment to AEW and its vibrant wrestling landscape.

Do you think Adam Copeland made the right decision to jump ship to AEW in order to be a full-time performer? Sound off in the comments!

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