AEW star Skye Blue, known for her remarkable development in recent memory, faced the disturbing reality of sexism and disrespect that some fans still perpetrate in the wrestling world.

During the latest ROH tapings, some fans in attendance in the front row directed lewd comments towards Skye Blue, along with derogatory remarks about her appearance, throughout the match. Despite attempts from those nearby to stop him, his behavior escalated, causing referee Aubrey Edwards and security personnel to intervene.

Witnessing everything, Skye Blue left the ring swiftly. Later, during AEW Dynamite, Saraya addressed the issue by singling out the individuals involved, labeling them as “perverts” and “creeps” for their inappropriate behavior.

Many of Skye Blue’s peers came to her defense including WWE superstar Chelsea Green. However, after the incident, another troll took a shot referencing Skye Blue about women showing off their bodies and having proper conduct, according to him.


“Some fatherly advice for Skye Blue and all female wrestlers. STOP SHOWING SO MUCH A**. Try to look more like a fighter than a stripper. The fishnets are fucking corny. You’re making these nerds feel comfortable. The IG thirst traps, the OF and anything like that, is enabling them to think you’re a piece of meat. You fucking snowflakes think is bad? Ask black wrestlers what they had to deal with back in the days. And I’m not making any excuses, just pointing out the obvious so you can go f*ck yourselves. Feminism was about ya’ll having a fair shot at doing what men did with no discrimination. Not about showing more a**.”

This caught the attention of TNA star Gisele Shaw who took to her X to blast that man, who in the guise of fatherly advice tried to degrade women superstars. Shaw proclaimed that showing skin had nothing to do with wrestling and it was their choice to do as they pleased with no one having the right to degrade them.

“Here’s some advice. WTF does showing a lot of ass have to do with wrestling?

We can show a lot of ass if we want to and still kick ass! OUR body OUR choice so we can do whatever we want. If you’re a fan then be one, STFU and enjoy it.

If you’re a father then teach your kids to respect people and don’t shout derogatory things and hurt people.

Also 🖕🏼🖕🏼🖕🏼🖕🏼🖕🏼.”

The incident serves as a stark reminder that despite advancements, such behavior still persists in 2024, highlighting the need for continued efforts to ensure the safety and respect of all individuals at live events. It is hoped that Skye Blue and others will not have to encounter such fans again in the future and her peers will always continue to support each other in such situations.

What are your thoughts on Gisele Shaw coming to the support of Skye Blue following the recent incident during ROH tapings? Sound off in the comments!

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