Kevin Patrick joined the WWE main roster commentary team back in 2022, but he never quite got a hang of things, which ultimately resulted in his firing this year. With that said, Patrick wasn’t really upset about his WWE firing either.

As previously mentioned, WWE closely monitored Kevin Patrick’s performance as the lead play-by-play commentator for SmackDown in the absence of Michael Cole. Ultimately, he was released from his position due to not meeting the company’s expectations.

In an interview with Sports Media with Richard Deitsch, Patrick discussed his release from WWE, explaining that it was ultimately beneficial for both him and the company. He saw an impending conflict between his roles in WWE and soccer, with soccer always being his priority.

Football was always going to win. If there was ever a collision — and there was one on the horizon, very clearly on the horizon. You know, if I’m in Boise, Idaho on a Friday night, for example, doing SmackDown, how am I going to be in the studio in New York at 1 p.m. on a Saturday? And this was coming. I also wasn’t their long-term guy. They need someone who’s all in. Michael Cole has missed two shows in 27 years.”


Although he wasn’t a WWE fan growing up, Patrick said his time with the company was memorable, and he wouldn’t change it. However, he felt that WWE fans deserved more than he could offer as an announcer, leading to his decision to leave.

“The fans deserve more, that chair deserves more,” he stated. “So for me, it was time. I had a chat with Michael Cole weeks before, and I said, ‘If you think I should move on, I’m good with that. Let’s hug it out and move on.'”

Despite his departure, Patrick holds Michael Cole in high regard, describing him as the best boss he’s ever had. Kevin Patrick also claimed that he and WWE parted on amicable terms. It remains to be seen whether Patrick will make his return to WWE one day.

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Subhojeet Mukherjee

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