WWE has grown a lot of factions into prominence in recent history. Having some of the most talented and popular stars in the industry, they have managed to bring some of the most intriguing names together, which has been in practice for years now. Looking back in the late 90s, WWE managed to form the Ministry of Darkness, which is still remembered by many. 

The faction included the likes of The Undertaker, Edge, Viscera, Farooq, and more and was considered to be one of the most dominant factions in WWE history. However, one thing that the fans always questioned was Kane not being added to the group. 

In recent QnA session, The Undertaker addressed the much awaited topic and revealed that Kane was never considered to be in the faction. Rather, he was having a pretty good singles run at that point. 

I don’t ever remember Kane coming up in that. It’s funny, I don’t remember where we were at in our story at that point. I think Kane was actually in a pretty good run, his singles run about that time, too. So I don’t think I don’t think he was ever really considered.”


While Kane was never considered to be a part of the faction, he would have been the perfect addition to the group. Ringside News will keep you updated with the latest news and stories from the wrestling industry. 

Did you want Kane to be a part of the Ministry of Darkness as well? Let us know in the comments section below.

Ishaan Rathi

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