Mandy Rose has undergone a remarkable transformation since her release from WWE in 2022, embracing change and exploring new avenues outside the wrestling world. Rather than allowing her WWE release to hinder her progress, the former Golden Goddess viewed it as an opportunity for growth in all aspects.

Mandy Rose has cultivated a strong connection with her fanbase through her Fantime platform, showcasing her creativity and resilience beyond the confines of the wrestling ring and earning a much bigger fortune.

Recently, she gave the fans a glimpse into her closely followed fitness regime by taking to her Instagram stories to drop a video taking a cold plunge. Mandy Rose can be seen inside a cold tub donning black underwear and inviting fans to join her live session on her fan platform.



While Mandy Rose has not dismissed potential return to professional wrestling, she has been vocal about her discontent with WWE’s perceived hypocrisy, particularly following what she views as snub from the company. This stance raises questions about the future of her relationship with WWE and her trajectory in the wrestling industry, so we will have to wait and see what unfolds next.

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