Recently released WWE superstar, Emma Diaz, sat in an interview with Ringside News’ Steve Fall recently to discuss her release and her future plans in the industry. During the interview, Diaz revealed why the company decided to let her go and how she plans to get herself back on the top. 

During the interview, she also addressed her relationship with WWE NXT superstar Lexis King. Diaz revealed that when she was in the company, things were better. Their work schedule was majorly the same and so was their pay structure. However, with her release from the company, things have changed majorly. 

She also revealed that King helped her get new bookings and given his experience in the independent circuit, learn how things work on that side of the business. Diaz also stated that if she would love to learn new stuff from her boyfriend in order to get an opportunity back in WWE in the future. 

“At first it was really hard for us because obviously we have you know a stable home right now like we both we were both going to worked together we were both coming home together you know we were making the same amount of money everything was you know very stable um but now that there is change um he’s really excited for me because he did the independence for a really long time.”


“He thinks that you know like it’s time that I pay my dues like back to the business because I got to train and I got paid to train and a lot of independent wrestlers and a lot of people that love pro wrestling don’t get the luxury of that and um I definitely realize and I’m grateful for that um so he thinks that I’ll get really good um on the Indies and I’ll learn how to work a crowd and then if WWE wants to you know roll back around it you know if it’s meant to be but yeah I mean change change is good you know and I’m really lucky to have him to help me you know get booking or you know teach me like how the independent side of wrestling works.”

While Emma Diaz getting back in the company would be an inspirational journey, she is set to get back in the ring at Reality of Wrestling’s No Limits scheduled for May 11. It would be interesting to see how things play out for her on the independent side. 

Do you think Emma Diaz would get help on the independent wrestling circuit with her boyfriend Lexis King having a lot of experience? Let us know in the comments section below.

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