Kofi Kingston has been a mainstay for WWE television programming for over 15 years. In his lengthy tenure, Kingston has wrestled the likes of legends, future WWE Hall of Famers, and newcomers. However, he recently expressed his desire to have a match with a historical figure, singling out one particular individual.

During an interview with Tim Battle on the Battleground Podcast, WWE star Kingston was posed with an intriguing question about the historical figure he chose to step inside the ring with.

The former WWE Intercontinental Champion humorously suggested former President-Elect of the United States, Barack Obama as his opponent, drawing parallels between Obama’s persona and that of wrestling icon, The Final Boss, The Rock.

“I mean, maybe…I’d like to wrestle Barack Obama because it’d kind of be like wrestling The Rock? You know what I’m saying? Barack out there, people say they have similar voices and all that. Maybe Barack Obama. Just to say that I say that I wrestled, just to say that I beat a president because if I’m wrestling, if I’m getting to book the match, yeah, maybe Barack. It’d be a good little match.” 


While a match with a figure like Obama might not be on the cards for Kofi Kingston, he is in line to battle a WWE Hall of Famer in Rey Mysterio on an upcoming live event as part of the ongoing King of the Ring tournament.

Kingston is laser-focused on putting on the best performance in the tournament and wants to dedicate his win to his partner, Xavier Woods who recently got injured. So we will have to wait and see if Kofi Kingston could get the job done as a huge opportunity lies in front of him.

What are your thoughts on Kofi Kingston wanting to wrestle a figure like Barack Obama? Sound off in the comments!

Nikunj Walia

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