In the past few months, amid massive success numbers for the company, WWE released a few stars from their contracts. One among them was Emma Diaz, star on WWE’s show on Roku, WWE Next Gen. Just days after her release, Reality of Wrestling announced that the former WWE star would be back in action very soon. 

As per the latest announcement, Diaz is scheduled to return to action at No Limits which is set to featured on May 11. Following her release, Diaz sat down with Ringside News’ Steve Fall to discuss her time in WWE and her future following a sudden release. The former WWE superstar also revealed why the company decided to release her. 

Diaz revealed that she was told creative had no plans for her when she came to know that she was let go by the company. While she was improving in some aspects, she stated that she wasn’t a complete package and had to work upon that in the next few months.

“So they gave me the reason that you know creative had nothing for me um which is I think what they tell everybody you know um because at the end of the day it is a show and if creative has nothing for you um and they don’t see you um on their show then it’s really no reason like to be paying you you know um and Coach Bloom.  I I spoke to him after the the decision was made and I always had a really strong bond with Coach Bloom even at my tryy out um and he knows how hard I worked and he knows that after that decision was made I was going to go on the Indies and continue to work super hard and if this is meant for me you know like the WWE will definitely come back around and I’ll be able to Showcase myself um after I have found myself and be just a better version of myself.”


“But yeah I mean I guess you know creative had nothing for me and I would say I was uh getting good at all of the boxes but I wasn’t great at one thing and I think that that’s really important you know like someone’s either really good in the ring or someone is just this extravagant character you know like you have to just be over the top with this business and I think that that’s something that I’m I was struggling to find but I’m starting to find my my groove now and I think that you know wrestling on the independence um I’ll definitely you know get a feel for what the crowd likes what they don’t like you know I’ll be confident and I’ll find myself as a performer and as you know a character out there.”

Emma Diaz didn’t mention anything about having a grudge with anyone among the company for her release and stated that she was open to return to the company if she was given the opportunity. 

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Ishaan Rathi

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