The landscape of the WWE NXT women’s division underwent a huge makeshift when General Manager Ava introduced the new NXT Women’s North American Championship that would be up for grabs in a 6-person ladder match at NXT Battleground next month.

Furthermore, Ava announced the NXT Combine to select the top 12 participants who would move on to compete against each other in qualifying matches with the festivities kicking off before tonight’s edition of WWE NXT at the WWE Performance Center.

As showcased, the Combine put the NXT women’s division stars in a series of drills and sessions, such as strength and conditioning, sparring, and in-ring sessions with stars like Thea Hail, Ivy Nile, Lash Legend, Michin and Sol Ruca emerging on top in one of the aforementioned drills.

At the conclusion, General Manager Ava in a backstage segment announced the 12 competitors in order of their rankings and points based on their performance, who will get the opportunity to crown themselves the first ever ‘NXT Women’s North American Champion.’

  • #1 Sol Ruca- 95
  • #2 Thea Hail- 93
  • #3 Jaida Parker- 91
  • #4 Brinley Reece- 91
  • #5 Michin- 91
  • #6 Fallon Henley- 90
  • #7 Lash Legend- 90
  • #8 Ivy Nile- 90
  • #9 Izzi Dame- 90
  • #10 Kelania Jordan- 89
  • #11 Tatum Paxley- 88
  • #12 Wren Sinclair- 86

With some of the best in-ring NXT talents making it to the top 12, we will have to wait and see which 6 out of them will advance to NXT Battleground to unhook the new championship and create history in the UFC Apex arena.

What are your thoughts on the Top 12 women selected in the NXT Combine? Sound off in the comments!

Nikunj Walia

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