Since leaving TNA Wrestling, Scott D’Amore has been eyeing new opportunities in the wrestling world. Recently, there’s been talk about a trademark filing for Maple Leaf Wrestling, stirring up excitement among those in the wrestling community.

The filing covers a range of entertainment services, from live wrestling contests to online interviews with wrestlers. What’s interesting is that it shares an address with D’Amore’s Border City Wrestling promotion. This has led to speculation about his involvement in reviving Maple Leaf Wrestling.

D’Amore’s departure from Anthem Media as President earlier this year adds weight to these rumors. Maple Leaf Wrestling has a rich history, especially in Toronto’s Maple Leaf Gardens. A potential comeback, possibly with D’Amore’s guidance, could possible be a game changer for the wrestling community.

As we wait for more details, it’s clear that D’Amore’s next move could shape the future of wrestling in exciting ways. Ringside News will keep you informed if additional information on Scott’s future becomes available.


What are your thoughts on the potential revival of Maple Leaf Wrestling under Scott D’Amore’s guidance? Are you excited about the prospect of seeing this historic promotion make a comeback? Share your opinions and predictions in the comments below!

Steve Carrier

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