Masha Slamovich and Alisha Edwards clinched the TNA Knockouts World Tag Team Championship at TNA Under Siege by defeating Spitfire (Dani Luna & Jody Threat).

In a momentous victory, Alisha Edwards secured her inaugural championship win in TNA by delivering a decisive Pedigree to Jody Threat, following a strategic application of a Kendo stick.

Post-match, Masha and Alisha celebrated in the ring alongside Alisha’s spouse, Eddie Edwards, and Brian Myers, the reigning men’s TNA World Tag Team Champions.

While Masha’s official affiliation with The System remains unconfirmed, her contribution has undoubtedly bolstered the faction’s gold reserves.


This triumph marks Masha Slamovich’s third tenure as a TNA Knockouts World Tag Team Champion, having previously held the title with Killer Kelly. Spitfire’s reign lasted 56 days before the title changed hands.

What are your thoughts on Masha Slamovich and Alisha Edwards’ victory to clinch the TNA Knockouts World Tag Team Championship at TNA Under Siege? How do you see this impacting the tag team division moving forward? Share your reactions and predictions in the comments below!

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