Tony Khan found himself at the center of attention after being targeted by The Elite on AEW Dynamite. Working remotely from Jacksonville, Florida due to safety concerns, Khan’s absence from travel was confirmed during Collision, emphasizing that he wouldn’t return until medically cleared. Reflecting on the incident, Khan discussed the angle in an interview with Josh Martinez for New York’s Z100.

During the conversation, Khan was prompted about Kevin Nash, who had voiced criticism regarding certain elements of AEW’s television programming. Khan recently likened the conclusion of last Wednesday’s AEW Dynamite (featuring The Elite’s assault on Khan) to WCW’s infamous “Fingerpoke of Doom” incident.

Nash took issue with the decision to portray Perry attacking Khan with a “padded microphone,” questioning its narrative coherence unless Khan were to come back and dismiss the Executive Vice Presidents responsible for the attack. Nash pointed out Khan’s previous handling of a similar incident involving Punk and suggested that firing The Young Bucks and Perry might be the only logical progression.

Further, Nash expressed disapproval of Will Ospreay’s response to Triple H during a promo on Dynamite, remarking on his podcast, “Everything’s a work.” Nash critiqued Ospreay for taking shots at the boss’s wife and then seeking employment without being prepared to face the consequences.


“If you got the balls to fuing take a shot at the fuing boss’s wife and then you got you got the balls to fuing show up and ask for a fuing job, he better fu**ing be able to have the balls to take whatever he’s gonna dish.”

In his rebuttal to Nash’s comments, Khan defended Ospreay’s abilities while speaking on Z100, hailing him as one of the premier young talents globally and a valuable addition to AEW. Khan disagreed with Nash’s assessments of Ospreay and current wrestling trends, expressing admiration for Ospreay’s dedication and performance in recent matches at AEW Revolution and AEW Dynasty.

“I think Kevin Nash was a great wrestler. His opinions on wrestling I’m not sure I agree with them. He’s had some takes on Will Ospreay that I definitely don’t agree with. I’d be remiss if I don’t bring that up. I think Will Ospreay is one of the best young wrestlers in the world. We’re really fortunate to have Will Ospreay in AEW. He’s been coming in week in and week out and working so hard, having great matches.”

“Both pay-per-views he’s been on he’s had these classic matches against Takeshita at AEW Revolution and against Bryan Danielson over a week ago at AEW Dynasty. I think Will Ospreay is so phenomenal. I’ve heard criticisms from Kevin that I don’t necessarily agree with about Will. Some of his opinions about current wrestling I just don’t agree with. I wish him the best and all the respect in the world to him.”

Looking ahead, the storyline is set to escalate on tomorrow night’s Dynamite, with expectations of a high-ranking official being unveiled to counter The Elite’s dominance. As a reminder, Ringside News will have coverage of the show.

What are your thoughts on the recent comments from Tony Khan and Kevin Nash regarding AEW’s programming and talent? Do you agree with Nash’s criticisms, or do you side with Khan’s defense of AEW and its wrestlers? Share your opinions on this ongoing storyline and its implications for AEW’s future in the comments below!

H Jenkins

H Jeknins is a News Correspondent at Ringside News, keeping wrestling fans updated with timely and accurate reports on all things wrestling.

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