The ongoing tensions between NXT standout Lola Vice and WWE veteran Natalya reached their boiling part when both women met each other in an NXT Underground match on tonight’s edition of NXT Spring Breakin that saw pick up the crucial match in the physically tormenting environment.

Ever since Natalya had answered Lola Vice’s Open Challenge on NXT a few weeks ago, things had been heated between the duo leading to multiple run-ins and opportunity costing with both women agreeing to settle their differences in the Underground environment.

The match favored Lola Vice due to her MMA background and having a specialist in Shayna Baszler in her corner, while Natalya had fellow Canadian and NXT star Karmen Petrovic on her side. It was a hard-hitting affair between both women that spread across the entire ringside and amazed the NXT audience in attendance.

Both Nattie and Lola used punches, submissions, and hard-hitting moves in their arsenal to inflict maximum damage on each other. Finally, the closing moments of the bout saw Natalya locking Lola Vice in the sharpshooter and as she was about to tap out, Shayna Bazler locked her submission on Karmen Petrovic leading to Natalya breaking the hold and coming to her aid.


Unfortunately, as Nattie came back into the ring, Lola took advantage of the distraction to land a major chop followed by constant blows to her, scoring her a TKO victory over the two-time WWE Women’s champion in historic fashion.

What are your thoughts on the NXT Underground match between Natalya and Lola Vice on NXT Spring Breakin? Sound off in the comments!

Nikunj Walia

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