Chelsea Green is known to make headlines anywhere she goes in the WWE landscape and rightfully did so with her appearance at the end of tonight’s edition of WWE NXT Spring Breakin that created history and reunited her with an old friend.

As the show approached the end, General Manager Ava broke the news to NXT Women’s Champion Roxanne Perez that she would be defending her title next week against Chelsea Green.

In an exclusive interview released on X, the former WWE Women’s Tag Team Champion seemed enthralled at the sight of the announcement, claiming that the NXT Women’s title would be the sole reason for her cameo at the Black and Gold brand amidst her busy schedule where every brand wanted Chelsea Green and she would dethrone Roxanne Perez for the title next week.

“I am sure you know that I am a hot commodity right now, pulled in every direction. I mean RAW wants me, Peehead Pearce wants me, Nicholas the Nasty wants me on SmackDown, NXT wants me, I mean I can’t everywhere at once, so I have a greed to go to SmackDown on the draft, but that doesn’t mean that, The Chelsea Green, future Hall of Famer, two-time WWE Women’s tag team champion can’t make a cameo … I mean it would be unfair not to … and since I am here making said cameo, I think I am going to go ahead and take Roxy’s championship and put it in the jewellery box of mine.”


Right after that, Chelsea Green was greeted by her former friend and manager, Mr Stone with both individuals happy at the sight of a reunion. Moreover, Stone stated that they should catch up indicating a potential reforming of their alliance as Green has a huge opportunity next week on NXT.

Do you think Chelsea Green and Mr Stone would reunite once again for a run in WWE NXT? Sound off in the comments!

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