Jim Ross is credited as one of the most seasoned wrestling veterans and greatest commentators of all time. Good Ol JR has spent over five decades in the business and recently got some words of appreciation from The Final Boss, The Rock.

The AEW commentator recently announced the pre-order of his upcoming autobiography, ‘Business About To Pick Up’ with The Rock sending out words of appreciation for JR’s contributions to the business.

“Jim’s masterful play-by-play commentary has been always been driven by his passion, deep wrestling knowledge, and most of all, his ability to make the audience feel the action of the wrestling match.”

Jim Ross acknowledged The Great One’s words, despite now working for rival companies, and took to his X to thank him for his acknowledgment while also hyping the release of his book.


“Thank you to @TheRock for the kind words on my upcoming book covering my 50 years in professional wrestling. The book is available at the link below for pre-order today 🤠 Boomer Sooner #JRBook50.”

Despite facing multiple health issues over the years, Jim Ross recently confirmed that he would continue to do his duties on AEW pay-per-views. With his new book coming out soon, it will be interesting to read about the life of one of the most decorated figures in professional wrestling.

What are your thoughts on The Rock crediting Jim Ross for his contributions to the wrestling business? Sound off in the comments!

Nikunj Walia

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