Sheamus has faced some fan scrutiny regarding his appearance since re-emerging in WWE after an eight-month hiatus. This has continued to generate comments and jokes among fans, often referencing his distinctive pale skin and reddish hair. On RAW this week, his friend and fellow WWE Superstar Drew McIntyre joined in on the banter, playfully teasing Sheamus about his appearance. The banter is still continuing on social media as Sheamus has now trolled Drew McIntyre in a big way.

During a recent segment on RAW, Drew McIntyre was reflecting on his recent setbacks, including losing the World Heavyweight Title at WrestleMania 40. Sheamus interrupted the segment with genuine concern, noting that Drew’s loss was potentially due to ego and animosity toward CM Punk. This added an unexpected dimension to the storyline, hinting at possible tensions and suggesting that Drew’s attitude might have contributed to his downfall.

However, McIntyre’s response took an unexpected turn. Instead of addressing Sheamus’s concerns, he shifted the focus to the fat-shaming comments that Sheamus had received from some fans. He referred to the mocking remarks about Sheamus’s physical transformation since his return to RAW, emphasizing the negativity that sometimes arises on social media.

McIntyre used the line “Burger after Burger after Burger” to illustrate the kind of fat-shaming remarks Sheamus had been subjected to, turning the conversation toward the damaging effects of body-shaming in wrestling. This would then spill over to social media yesterday.


The Celtic Warrior took to Twitter and uploaded a photo of Drew McIntyre during the Slammys, where he won the Social Star of The Year award. Sheamus mocked McIntyre for spending more time on social media than a teenage girl.

”A few weeks back, Drew achieved the biggest moment of his career, nay life! He was awarded the Slammy for having higher screen time on social media than your average teenage girl.. he also wears a skirt 👍🏻 #myhero”

On the wrestling front, Sheamus, Drew McIntyre, and GUNTHER have all confirmed their participation in the upcoming tournament scheduled to take place at the PLE in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia next month. However, amidst their declarations, a brewing war of words between the two friends, McIntyre and Sheamus, has added an intriguing layer to the competition.

With tensions escalating between McIntyre and Sheamus, fans can anticipate an electrifying showdown between the former allies. Their rivalry is expected to culminate in a highly anticipated and hard-hitting match that promises to deliver excitement and intensity. As both competitors vie for victory in the tournament, their personal history and newfound animosity are sure to elevate the stakes and make for a banger bout that fans won’t want to miss.

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Subhojeet Mukherjee

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