Grayson Waller has emerged as one of the most exciting and fastest-rising WWE superstars of the modern era. He began his run on the main roster after being drafted to SmackDown as part of the WWE Draft last year.

With this year’s edition on the horizon, Waller outlined the key differences in his tenure ever since he was called up to the main roster via a video drop on X. The Aussie Icon began by revealing his frustrations on being the last pick in the previous year’s Draft and put a chip on his shoulder to prove his credibility.

With the desire to prove himself, Waller’s career transcended with a spectacular debut in the main event of Madison Square Garden, other top matches on both RAW and SmackDown, and confrontations with top stars like John Cena, Cody Rhodes, and Seth Rollins, all of whom according to him, wanted the Grayson Waller rub.

He concluded by bragging about his supremacy over others in regards to this year’s WWE Draft where Waller, being one-half of the WWE Tag Team Champions was not eligible to be drafted, according to the WWE Draft rules released and SmackDown not wanting to lose a talent like him.


“For most people, getting called up in the WWE Draft is the best night of their careers, but for Grayson Waller, it was one of the worst. See I had to sit two nights, all of SmackDown, all of RAW with a broken leg on crutches, hearing name after name being called, watching all these people, who weren’t on my level standing up around me to getting to live their dream, until my name finally got called … with the last pick making me Mr Irrelevant in WWE. I got to admit, it was embarassing, ego took a pretty big hit and instead of upset me, it put a chip on my shoulder and what it did that it led to me becoming the Brock Perdy of the WWE … actually better, it led to me becoming the Tom Brady of WWE. Let’s talk about my last whole month since I got drafted in the last pick. Hosted the No 1 talk show in the WWE, debuted in the main event of Madison Square Garden which means not only I main evented SmackDown, but I also main evented RAW which is not even my show. Week after week stood across from legend after legend, Hall of Famer after Hall Famer, all begging for the Grayson Waller rub and it culminated at WrestleMania 40 … where I became the Undefeated WWE tag team champion with my boy Austin Theory and started The Streak 2.0, that’s right Grayson Waller undefeated at WrestleMania … and now this year, I am not even eligible to be drafted thats how talented I am because the champ means alot to SmackDown and SmackDown does not want to lose a talent like Grayson Waller. So good luck to all the flops trying to get drafted to RAW or SmackDown. But just know if you get drafted to Friday Nights, it’s going to be A-Town Down Under for you.”

With Grayson Waller and his partner Austin Theory secured from the Draft proceedings, they could very well enjoy the show from the sidelines as the WWE landscape is set to undergo a huge change, beginning on SmackDown this week and concluding on RAW next week.

What are your thoughts on Grayson Waller’s one-year journey since being drafted to the main roster as part of the WWE Draft last year? Sound off in the comments!

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