The CEO of women’s wrestling, Mercedes Mone has made headlines since her arrival in AEW back in March 2024 and has swiftly risen to prominence within the promotion even without stepping in the ring till now.

While the fans have anticipated potential dream matches for Mone against the entire AEW women’s division, their formidable star Thunder Rosa offered her insight into Mercedes’ signing with AEW.

In recent interview with Gabby Laspisa, Thunder Rosa offered effusive praise for Mercedes Mone, recognizing her as a trailblazer in women’s wrestling. The former AEW Women’s World Champion commended Mone’s tenacity, describing her as a relentless go-getter, and admired her willingness to take risks and bet on herself, even in the face of criticism and setbacks.

Rosa also had high regard for Mercedes’ multifaceted approach to her career, encompassing endeavors in Music, Hollywood, and diligent training inside the squared circle. Rosa values the opportunity to learn from Mone and looks forward to potential future collaborations in AEW, emphasizing the positive impact Mone has had on the locker room.


“I think, I’m not just talking about AEW but women’s athletics in general. The fact that she is one of the most prominent and best paid female wrestlers and athletes in history, that just sets a precedent for us. She is a hustler, she is a go getter, she is the type of woman that doesn’t take no as an answer and when she gets a no, she makes that a yes. So, that to me is very commendable because a lot of the time, we have to take it and we have to take what they give us. She’s taken all the risks and a lot of them pay off for her, and when you see that when you bet on yourself and it pays off regardless of the criticism, regardless of the setbacks, regardless of anything else, I admire that in a woman or any person for that matter. Her specifically, that can be — especially with men, they can say that she’s too aggressive or it would be thought of as something different, but I don’t see it that way. I enjoy having her in the locker room. She’s been wonderful to me. It’s really wonderful to see where she’s taking her own career and taking the bull by the horns, right? She’s playing with music, she’s doing Hollywood, she’s very studious in the ring. Everytime I see her, I try to learn from her. It’s interesting to see how she navigates this world because being one of the biggest stars that she is, she gets a lot of flak for it. In terms of AEW, I’m just watching and waiting. Everything is a cycle, so hopefully I get to work with her in a cycle. I would be very interested to see storylines and everything right, where are we gonna start, where is all of this gonna start or whatever. She’s a great addition to the locker room.”

Mercedes Mone is set for her debut match at AEW Double or Nothing next month. She will be competing against her arch-nemesis Willow Nightingale, who won the AEW TBS title from Julia Hart at AEW Dynasty setting up the blockbuster encounter between herself and the woman who got injured wrestling her last year, Mercedes Mone.

What are your thoughts on Mercedes Mone’s arrival in AEW? Do you agree with Thunder Rosa regarding the impact she has already created? Sound off in the comments!

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