The world of professional wrestling is an unpredictable place as injuries can happen at any time. Unfortunately, an AEW star seemingly suffered a concussion during this week’s AEW Rampage taping.

During the AEW Rampage taping that took place after Dynamite went off the air, Sammy Guevara squared off against Jeff Hardy in a singles match.

However, tragedy struck when Sammy knocked out Jeff Hardy during a shooting star press. His leg ended up hitting Jeff Hardy directly in the head. While Jeff Hardy finished the match, there is a chance he may be concussed.

The match was abruptly halted to prioritize Hardy’s urgent medical attention, evident from visible bleeding and disorientation. Fans observed Hardy’s compromised state, and online discussions attribute some responsibility to Guevara


This is the second time Sammy Guevara had an unfortunate accident with a Hardy as the same thing happened during his match with Matt Hardy a few years ago. Nonetheless, we hope Jeff Hardy will be alright and not miss any in-ring time.

What do you think of this shocking incident concerning Jeff Hardy? Do you feel he might have suffered a serious concussion? Let us know in the comments section below!

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Subhojeet Mukherjee

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