Last week on RAW, Chad Gable and Sami Zayn competed in a match for the Intercontinental Championship. Although Gable put up a strong fight, he was unable to claim the title from Zayn. After the match, Gable’s frustration boiled over, leading him to turn heel on Zayn. After RAW this week, Chad Gable claimed fans are seeing the real him.

On the April 22 episode of WWE Raw, Chad Gable berated his Alpha Academy stablemates, accusing them of being “losers.” Later, on Raw Talk, Cathy Kelley mentioned that fans had seen a different side of Chad Gable in recent weeks.

Gable responded emphatically stating, that the current version that fans see is the real him and made it clear this is what fans will see from now on.

“Couple weeks? No, you’ve been seeing a different side of me for maybe the past four years, how about that? Okay? The side that I thought might get me somewhere in this place, might get me ahead to where I want to be. Well, now, all you’re seeing is the real Chad Gable. I just had to re-wire a little bit and get back to what I know best.”


Gable highlighted his dedication to the Alpha Academy and his desire to reshape the group’s approach. He implied that the stablemates had been performing below his expectations and needed a stricter leader. He went on to explain his vision for the Alpha Academy.

“This is what they asked for when they signed up for the Academy. So they’re gonna help me win my Intercontinental Championship, and they’re gonna be happy to do it. We’re gonna do it as a team. It’s gonna be a great moment. It’s gonna be a great celebration, and it’s gonna be because of the real Chad Gable.”

Gable’s renewed focus signals a more intense and driven approach to his wrestling career, with a commitment to reshaping his stable and achieving individual success. After all, Chad Gable will likely form new team with The Creed Brothers soon enough.

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