Solo Sikoa is a rising star in WWE, known for his lineage as the son of wrestling legend Rikishi and brother to Jimmy and Jey Uso. Sikoa joined WWE in 2021 and made his way up from NXT to the main roster, joining The Bloodline in September 2022. Despite his status as the new face of WWE, Sikoa finds himself in a unique position within the promotion as he continues to experience a string of losses.

Initially serving as the enforcer for Roman Reigns, Sikoa stepped stepped up to lead the The Bloodline following Reigns’ departure after WrestleMania 40. Under his guidance, the faction underwent a significant shift, with the introduction of Tama Tonga and the ousting of Jimmy Uso from the group.

However, things haven’t been going his way in the ring lately. Since his huge win against John Cena at Crown Jewel PLE last November, Sikoa’s luck has since taken a downturn. According to, Sikoa lost 14 matches in 2023 following Crown Jewel and he hasn’t seen a victory in 2024, with his current losing streak hitting a whopping 40 matches.

It’s been a rough road, with most of Sikoa’s matches happening off TV, and his last televised bout was against his brother Jey Uso on the April 5th episode of SmackDown, which he lost. As Solo continues to grapple with this losing streak, fans are left wondering what the future holds for him in WWE and how the company will navigate his career amidst these challenges.


What do you think of Solo Sikoa’s career in WWE so far? Do you think he’ll secure a win and end his losing streak anytime soon? Let us know in the comments!

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