Wardlow recently faced a harrowing experience as he narrowly escaped a potentially catastrophic car wreck. Taking to social media ahead of AEW Dynasty, Wardlow shared the news with fans, expressing gratitude for surviving the ordeal.

In his announcement, Wardlow acknowledged the challenges he’s been confronted with lately but asserted his resilience, declaring that nothing can hinder his determination. Despite sustaining injuries, he conveyed appreciation for being alive and extended thanks to everyone who reached out to offer support and concern.

Accompanying his post was a photo of his damaged vehicle, showcasing the aftermath of the accident. The image prominently features a highway sign for Exit 240 – W 150th St, located on Interstate 71 in Cleveland, Ohio, where the incident occurred. Wardlow’s fans breathed a collective sigh of relief knowing he emerged from the frightening situation unscathed.

Amidst the turbulence, Wardlow’s trajectory in AEW has encountered a slight pause due to Adam Cole’s absence from the road. As a member of the Undisputed Kingdom, Wardlow found himself in a promising position, but Cole’s departure due to ongoing ankle rehabilitation disrupted the faction’s momentum. Consequently, their Devil storyline hit a snag, and the faction’s presence on AEW television has diminished compared to initial expectations.


While Wardlow wasn’t slated for a match at AEW Dynasty, he made an appearance during the event’s match between Roderick Strong and Kyle O’Reilly, affirming his continued involvement in AEW despite the recent setbacks.

What are your thoughts on Wardlow’s recent experience with the car wreck and his resilience in overcoming it? How do you think this incident might impact his trajectory in AEW, especially considering his involvement with the Undisputed Kingdom faction? Share your thoughts and well-wishes for Wardlow in the comments below!

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