The fans in attendance for tonight’s AEW Dynasty show in St. Louis Missouri witnessed one of the most hard-hitting matches between a perceived teacher and his pupil with no rules to conceal them from each other and ending in a way no one expected.

AEW veteran Chris Jericho battled against the man he had been tagging along with for weeks and even offered to take him under his learning tree, the cold-hearted Handsome Devil HOOK with his FTW title at stake contested under the name-sake match rules.

With all rules out of the way, The Lionheart and HOOK had the entire playfield to them to inflict maximum damage on each other. Moreover, both men brought foreign objects such as tables and chairs into the mix to reign supreme over each other.

However, Chris Jericho’s fury and experience proved too much for HOOK who showed incredible heart after kicking out of two of Jericho’s finishers during the closing moments. In the end, Jericho brought his trusted baseball bat with him into the ring and told HOOK to stay down.


But HOOK immediately showed defiance and with no choice left, Jericho struck him with the bat and pinned him to win the FTW championship, leaving the resilient decimated as his father, AEW commentator Taz who called the entire match came to the aid of his son in defeat.

What are your thoughts on the epic encounter between Chris Jericho and HOOK at AEW Dynasty? Are you happy with the outcome? Sound off in the comments!

Nikunj Walia

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