Matt Riddle’s time in WWE was tumultuous, marred by controversies stemming from his conduct outside the ring, ultimately culminating in his unexpected release last year. He is now releasing a special cannabis strain with The Godfather.

Following his WWE release, Matt Riddle unveiled his own cannabis strain called Riddle OG and it has been selling quite well so far.

Bro_netics on Instagram announced new signature cannabis strains in collaboration with Charles Wright, known for his multiple WWE personas, including “The Godfather,” “Papa Shango,” and “Kama Mustafa.” Wright is a 2-time WWE Hall of Famer, a former USWA Unified World Heavyweight Champion, WWF Intercontinental Champion, and WWF World Tag Team Champion.

Bro_netics shared that Wright, who is known as the conductor of the “Smoke Train,” has always been open about his appreciation for cannabis, crediting it with saving his life and possibly his career. As a cannabis connoisseur, Wright firmly believes in being original and that hard work and dedication lead to success. Now, he has collaborated with Bro_netics to create three signature strains, catering to his unique taste and traits he values in cannabis.


”@bro_netics is stoked to announce some more amazing signature strains with 2x WWE Hall of Famer, a two-time USWA Unified World Heavyweight Champ, a one-time WWF Intercontinental Champion, and a one-time WWF World Tag Team Champion. Known as “Soul Taker”, “The Godfather”, “Papa Shango” & “Kama Mustafa” @thegodfather are just some of the world-renowned personas he’s presented over his amazing career. As the conductor of the “Smoke Train,” he has always been open about being a Cannabis Connoisseur & how it saved his life & maybe his career. A firm believer in “Be Original” be yourself & hard work & dedication will take you to where you want to go. Honored to bring his catered taste in fine smoke out with tailored strains to match his pallet & traits he desires in his cannabis. Dropping 3 original signature strains for his & our enjoyment, to bring himself, his love for Mary Jane & his fans closer together on a personal type level. Currently in testing ;
Voodoo Driver” -Dat Purple s*** x White Fire Chem- “
“Papa Shango Og”- The White Og x White Fire Chem-
The Godfathers “Smoke Train” – Jet Fuel x Hindu Ghost Og-”

Matt Riddle also addressed dropping the IWGP TV Title last week. Regardless, we will have to wait and see whether these new weed strains will sell like hotcakes in the end.

Are you looking forward to Matt Riddle and The Godfather collabing like this? Sound off in the comments section below!

Subhojeet Mukherjee

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