Since January, The Blade hasn’t graced the rings of either AEW or ROH. He recently disclosed that he’s been sidelined due to a lower back injury. His last match was in February for Ethan Page’s Alpha-1 promotion, and he’s been absent from both AEW and ROH broadcasts since January 10, 2024, when he appeared at an ROH event in Jacksonville.

Taking to Instagram, The Blade opened up about his injury, revealing the severity of it: two bulging discs (L2 L3 and L4 L5) and two ruptured discs (L3 L4 and L5 S1). He expressed gratitude towards Tony Khan and AEW for granting him the necessary time off to recuperate. Alongside his message, he shared a photo with Anthony Albano, a physical therapist from Buffalo, NY, who has been instrumental in his recovery journey.

In his post, The Blade acknowledged the mental challenges that come with being sidelined from athletic pursuits but praised Albano’s therapy for keeping him focused and on track. Despite the uncertainty surrounding his future in the sport, he expressed optimism, citing the support of his team and the array of options available to him.

“Hello Instagram 😃 My apologies, it’s been awhile. I’m currently off the road nursing a lower back injury. 2 bulging discs, L2 L3 and L4 L5. Plus two ruptured discs, L3 L4 and L5 S1. I’d like to thank @aew and @tonyrkhan for giving me this time off to heal. Plus, I’ve got the Buffalo,NY magic man pictured with me here, @anthony.albano.dpt . Time off can be a rough place for athletes mentally. Anthony’s physical therapy is helping me stay on track and I can’t sing praises high enough about the sweet science behind his training. I’m not sure where this journey I’m on is gonna lead. But, I have a lot of options and a great team around me and that’s a beautiful thing. Love ya everybody”


The Blade has been affiliated with AEW since 2019, making his debut on November 27 of that year on AEW Dynamite. According to AEW’s roster page, he boasts a career record of 63 wins and 58 losses in the promotion.

What are your thoughts on The Blade’s candid revelation about his lower back injury and the impact it has had on his absence from both AEW and ROH? How do you think his recovery journey will unfold, and what are your hopes for his future in professional wrestling? Share your well wishes and support for The Blade in the comments below!

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