The landscape of AEW witnessed a major shocker at the conclusion of a highly enthralling title match on tonight’s AEW Dynasty show between former friends, Roderick Strong and Kyle O Reilly as another of their former allies, Adam Cole joined the festivities.

The two former members of WWE’s Undisputed Era were set to collide in a high-stakes one-on-one showdown with Strong defending his AEW International Championship against O Reilly who recently made his return from injury.

The formidable duo delivered an exceptional match hitting each other with strong attacks, high-risk moves, and maneuvers with the action spilling all over ringside captivating the attention of the audience in attendance for AEW Dynasty.

Despite Kyle O Reilly’s best efforts, Roderick Strong backed by the Undisputed Kingdom faction was able to overcome his former ally and put him down for the three count to retain his title. As Roderick Strong celebrated, the leader of the faction, Adam Cole made his return, spotting sitting in his wheelchair on the entrance stage.


However, much to everyone’s surprise, Cole got up from the chair and headed straight to the ring to congratulate Roderick on his impressive performance while also indicating that he had completely healed up from his injury and was ready to take over the company with his crew.

What are your thoughts on Adam Cole’s return and looking to have recovered from his injuries on AEW Dynasty? Sound off in the comments!

Nikunj Walia

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