The WWE Hall of Fame ceremony is one of the most anticipated events for wrestling fans, celebrating the careers and contributions of the greatest names in WWE history. However, this year’s Hall of Fame event, held in combination with a SmackDown show, faced some logistical challenges that impacted the audience’s experience.

One notable aspect was the captivating speech by Paul Heyman, which set a high standard for the evening. However, there was considerable chatter at the show and on social media about the Hall of Fame/SmackDown combination. Many fans noted that the lengthy day caused fatigue, leading many to leave after Heyman’s speech.

In the past, the WWE Hall of Fame was a standalone event, typically aired on Saturday night on the WWE Network. However, with WrestleMania now spanning two nights, the Hall of Fame ceremony was moved to follow SmackDown due to the addition of NXT in the afternoon, hours before the first night of WrestleMania.

During his Six Feet Under podcast appearance, The Undertaker discussed the strain of such a long day, pointing out the extensive hours involved in both SmackDown and the Hall of Fame. He recounted that he had to attend rehearsals early in the morning, return home for a short break, and then head back for SmackDown and the Hall of Fame later in the evening. This extended schedule leads to fan fatigue, contributing to many attendees leaving early.


“So, Friday I had to get up early and go to Wells Fargo for Hall of Fame rehearsals,” Taker said. “I went over there, did rehearsals, and then came back for a couple of hours and turned right back around and went back to the Hall of Fame. I was there forever. They gotta figure that out because that’s a really really long night between SmackDown and then the Hall of Fame.”

Taker emphasized that the extended hours of the Hall of Fame and SmackDown can be challenging for both performers and fans, suggesting that the structure of the event needs to be re-evaluated. He pointed out that starting the Hall of Fame with a high-profile speech, such as that of Paul Heyman, might have contributed to early departures, as Heyman was the primary draw for many attendees.

“It’s a long night and again we’re in Philly. Once they’re (the fans) done, they’re done. They started out the Hall of Fame with Paul. Usually, the headliner goes on last, right? It was smart, obviously they had stuff they had to do. So Paul [Heyman] starts the Hall of Fame and that’s what most of the people were there to see was Paul. The speech and everything else was so good and engaging. That’s another problem. You give a great acceptance speech and all that. They’re popping and carrying on and they get tired too, right?”

Moving the WWE Hall of Fame ceremony to Thursday could be a potential solution to avoid the scheduling conflicts and fatigue associated with its current placement after SmackDown. Hosting the Hall of Fame on Thursday would allow for a dedicated night without the added pressures of other events like SmackDown and WrestleMania, providing more flexibility for both fans and performers.

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Subhojeet Mukherjee

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