Many iconic wrestlers, despite seemingly concluding their full-time careers, have been drawn back to the ring for one last hurrah.

Legends like Stone Cold Steve Austin, Shawn Michaels, and Batista have all stepped back into the squared circle years after hanging up their boots. Booker T touched on this phenomenon during an episode of the Hall of Fame podcast, highlighting the struggle some wrestlers face when trying to walk away from the ring.

Booker expressed, “It’s hard to walk away from it. It really is. It’s so hard. I look at Matt and Jeff, Chris Jericho, Taker, The Rock sneaking into WrestleMania 40. That’s what the business is. We never really retire. Even myself, I’m thinking about having another match at Reality of Wrestling. I’ve been training. I’ve been getting myself together in the gym on a regular basis. I’m on the 30 day ab workout. I’m like, man, I can still do this. How are you gonna tell a man he can’t do it no more? You can’t do it.”

The allure of the ring is undeniable, even for seasoned veterans like Mick Foley, who was contemplating one final match. However, Foley ultimately decided against it due to recent concussion, prioritizing his health and well-being over the temptation to lace up his boots once more.


Do you agree with Booker T’s sentiment about the difficulty of walking away from the business, or do you think wrestlers should prioritize their health and well-being over the urge to compete again? Share your perspective on this aspect of wrestling culture and the challenges faced by wrestlers in retirement in the comments below!

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