TNA’s Rebellion pay-per-view event will go down tonight, and Ringside News has got you covered with live play-by-play results coverage for the April 20, 2024 event.

TNA Rebellion is set to take place at the Palms Casino Resort in Paradise, Nevada.. The pre-show will be airing at 7 PM ET while the main show will begin at 8 pm ET and fans can stream the show on TNA+ as well.

TNA Rebellion 2024 Lineup:

  • TNA World Championship Match: Moose (c) vs. Nic Nemeth
  • TNA Knockouts World Championship Match: Jordynne Grace (c) vs. Steph De Lander
  • TNA X Division Championship Match: Mustafa Ali (c) vs. Jake Something
  • TNA World Tag Team Championship Match: The System (Eddie Edwards & Brian Myers) (c) vs. Speedball Mountain (Mike Bailey & Trent Seven)
  • Full Metal Mayhem Match: Eric Young vs. Frankie Kazarian
  • Last Man Standing Match: Hammerstone vs. Josh Alexander
  • Singles Match: Joe Hendry vs. Rich Swann
  • TNA Knockouts World Tag Team Championship Match: Spitfire (Dani Luna & Jody Threat)(c) vs. Decay (Havok & Rosemary)
  • Six-Man Tag Team Match: Leon Slater and ABC (Ace Austin & Chris Bey) vs. The Rascalz (Trey Miguel, Zachary Wentz & Myron Reed) [Pre-show]

TNA Rebellion 2024 Pre-Show:

Tom Hannifan and Matt Rehwoldt provided commentary as ring announcer Jade Chung introduced the opening match featuring “The Rascalz” Trey Miguel, Zachary Wentz, and Myron Reed facing off against Ace Austin, Chris Bey, and Leon Slater.

“The Rascalz” Trey Miguel, Zachary Wentz, and Myron Reed vs. Ace Austin, Chris Bey, and Leon Slater

Myron Reed initially squared off against Slater, but he cleverly faked him out and tagged in Trey Miguel. Slater showcased his athleticism with impressive moves early on. Ace Austin entered the fray but found himself overwhelmed by The Rascalz, enduring a barrage of attacks and near pinfalls. Despite Austin’s attempt to control Reed, he countered with a guillotine legdrop.


Trey Miguel tried to halt a tag, but Slater managed to make it and attempted a pescado, only to be intercepted by Miguel. The Rascalz executed spectacular combination moves, culminating in a shooting star press, yet Slater resiliently kicked out. The crowd erupted into “This is awesome” chants as Slater endured punishment in The Rascalz’s corner before tagging in Chris Bey.

ABC shifted the momentum with their coordinated offense. Austin nearly secured a victory with a double-team brainbuster on Reed. However, Reed retaliated with a double cutter and followed up with a breathtaking dive, soaring over the ring post to the floor, taking out everyone below. The crowd’s chants of “TNA” echoed as Leon Slater elevated the excitement with another remarkable leaping dive.

All six competitors engaged in a chaotic brawl, unleashing a flurry of moves until Slater secured the pinfall victory with a jaw-dropping 630 off the top rope.

The match was an exhilarating spectacle from start to finish.

Your winners, Leon Slater & ABC!

Gia Miller conducted an interview with First Class, AJ Francis, and Rich Swann. Francis announced their guest, the Man Boy Mafia, while Swann confidently declared his intent to defeat Hendry.

Following the interview, they aired a video package featuring the matchup between Josh Alexander and Alexander Hammerstone.

TNA Digital Media Champion Crazzy Steve vs. Laredo Kid

Early on, Laredo Kid showcased some impressive offense, securing several two counts against Steve. However, Steve resorted to underhanded tactics, ripping at Laredo’s mask to gain the advantage. He followed up with a powerful cannonball into the corner, taunting the crowd in the process.

Despite Steve’s aggression, Laredo continued to fight back resiliently. Frustrated, Steve targeted Laredo’s mask once again and utilized his legs to scissor Laredo’s neck, leaving him hanging upside down. Laredo retaliated with a moonsault from the buckles to the floor, keeping the momentum swinging.

As the match progressed, Laredo found his openings, countering Steve’s attacks with precision. He nailed a running lariat, followed by an enziguiri and a Michinoku Driver for a close two count. The action intensified as they battled in the corner, with Steve attempting another cannonball but missing his mark.

With both competitors exhausted, they fought to the top rope, where Laredo seized the opportunity to execute a Spanish Fly, securing the pinfall victory.

In the end, Laredo Kid emerged as the new Digital Media Champion in a hard-fought and entertaining bout.

A video feature highlighting the upcoming match between Jordynne Grace and Steph De Lander was aired. Following the feature, Gia Miller interviewed De Lander, acknowledging Matt Cardona’s absence from her corner due to injury. Undeterred, De Lander asserted her determination to win, emphasizing her intent to capture the Knockouts Championship. She also revealed that she had enlisted the help of The Good Hands for tonight’s match.

Subsequently, a video package showcasing Full Metal Mayhem was aired, presumably building anticipation for the upcoming event.

TNA Knockouts Tag Team Champions Spitfire – Jody Threat & Dani Luna with Rancid’s Lars Frederiksen vs. Decay – Havok & Rosemary

Dani Luna started the match with a strong showing, but Rosemary quickly turned the tide by biting her on the face and following up with a running clothesline. Rosemary then applied a hanging armbreaker on Luna before confronting Lars on the outside, causing him to back off.

Threat tagged in and Spitfire unleashed a flurry of tag team maneuvers on their opponents, earning a close two count. Luna re-entered the ring and faced off against Havok, teasing a charge before locking in a side headlock. Despite Luna’s efforts, Havok proved too powerful, countering with a devastating DVDR for another near fall.

Luna continued to fight back, attempting a suplex that was blocked and reversed by Havok. Finally, Threat made the hot tag and capitalized by tricking Rosemary into colliding with Havok. Threat then executed a German suplex on Rosemary but struggled to do the same to Havok. Havok missed a charge and was sent to the outside, where Luna and Threat followed up with impressive dives.

However, their momentum was short-lived as they were shoved into the ring apron during an attempted double suplex. Back in the ring, Decay attempted to isolate Threat, but their miscommunication allowed Threat to execute a flip dive off the top rope to the floor. Inside the ring, Havok set up Threat to be speared by Rosemary for a near fall.

As the match progressed, Threat found herself in a precarious position on the top rope, but she managed to escape Havok’s grasp and attempted a sunset flip powerbomb. Luna assisted, leading to a double powerbomb on Havok. Finally, Luna and Threat combined forces to double-team Rosemary and secure the pinfall victory.

Spitfire retained their TNA Knockouts Tag Team Championships in a hard-fought contest, showcasing unique and impressive offensive maneuvers throughout.

Following the match, Masha Slamovich and Alisha Edwards emerged to assert their claim as the next challengers for the titles. Spitfire accepted the challenge, offering to face them in the ring.

The broadcast then transitioned to a video package hyping the upcoming showdown between Moose and Nic Nemeth.

The energy was high as everyone put in their best effort, with Spitfire delivering some innovative offensive moves. Masha Slamovich and Alisha Edwards made their intentions clear, signaling their desire to challenge Spitfire for the titles. In a show of sportsmanship, Spitfire welcomed them into the ring to settle matters.

Before the next segment, a video package highlighting the anticipated clash between Moose and Nic Nemeth aired, setting the stage for the upcoming showdown.

However, the momentum was momentarily interrupted when several unnamed supporters of Mustafa Ali stormed the ring, declaring that Jake Something should not be allowed to challenge for the X-Division title. They asserted their demands and refused to budge until their wishes were met. Cody Deaner intervened, emphasizing that the decision ultimately rested with the people, not with them or him. With the support of Vegas, Deaner swiftly cleared the ring, signaling that the show must go on.

With the interruption resolved, Deaner confidently declared the start of the show, indicating that TNA was ready to deliver an action-packed event.

TNA Rebellion 2024 Results:

DJ Ashba showed up and sang the national anthem.

TNA X-Division Champion Mustafa Ali vs. Jake Something

Early on, Something displayed his strength, but Ali dodged his attack. Ali extended a handshake, but Something wasn’t convinced. Ali retaliated with a strike, fueling Something’s anger. Despite Ali’s resistance, Something overwhelmed him. As Ali fought back, he found himself cornered on the ropes. Something countered with a powerful kick followed by an attempt at an over-the-shoulder powerslam. However, Ali managed to escape and countered with some leg lariats. Jake (presumably Jake Something) responded with a forceful clothesline, sending Ali tumbling.

Undeterred, Ali charged at Jake, only to be thrown out of the ring with a backdrop. Jake pursued him outside, but Ali turned the tables with a DDT on the floor. The crowd rallied behind Ali as he executed a rolling neckbreaker and another DDT. Although Jake made it back into the ring, Ali continued to press his advantage, landing a tornado DDT for a near fall. Despite Jake’s counterattacks, Ali managed to execute another DDT, followed by a leaping rana attempt. However, Jake reversed it into a powerbomb. Subsequently, Jake applied a Torture Rack followed by a backbreaker, but Ali resiliently kicked out.

Ali seized an opportunity to strike back, delivering a low blow when Something attempted to pull him up the ropes. With the help of his security team, Ali executed a 450 splash on Something, but to everyone’s surprise, Something kicked out, becoming the first to do so in TNA. Something rallied and took out Ali’s security with a dive, then countered Ali’s airborne attack with a devastating lariat. Despite landing The Black Hole Slam, Something was thwarted when Ali placed his leg on the rope.

Ali capitalized on Something’s temporary blindness, sending him into the ring post and securing the victory with a small package pin. The X-Division Champion was declared the winner: Mustafa Ali!

NFL star Shawn Merriman was spotted at ringside during the match.

Rich Swann with AJ Francis vs. Joe Hendry

Hendry had a parody video of Swann annd Francis as his tron entrance.  Hendry declared that Swann and Francis had been secretly obsessed with him all along, attributing it to their undeniable admiration as huge fans. He humorously claimed that they had contracted “Hendrymania.” To further hype up the crowd, he encouraged them to chant “we believe” in support of him.

Hendry started strong, but Swann demonstrated a ruthless side, hitting him with a superkick and locking in a surfboard submission for a near fall. Despite the setback, Hendry mounted a comeback. However, Francis intervened, prompting NFL star Merriman to enter the ring and seemingly come to Hendry’s aid. Yet, to everyone’s surprise, Merriman betrayed Hendry, delivering a devastating clothesline. With the referee distracted by Francis, Swann capitalized on the chaos, executing a flawless 450 splash from the top rope to secure the victory.

Rich Swann emerged triumphant, while Merriman embraced Francis after the match, adding a layer of intrigue to the ongoing storyline. While the in-ring action was solid, the primary focus seemed to be on advancing the narrative and presenting obstacles for Hendry to overcome in his journey.

Frankie Kazarian vs. Eric Young – Full Metal Mayhem

Kazarian strolled beneath a ladder en route to the ring. The clash ignited before the bell’s toll. Young attempted a piledriver swiftly, yet Kazarian slipped away to the arena floor. Undeterred, Young executed a sliding kick, launching into a relentless assault on Kazarian outside the ring. He viciously slammed a ladder onto Kazarian, following up with an elevated drop. The impact? Painful!

Young extended the ladder, bridging it between the ring and the barricade, but Kazarian intercepted him, sending Young crashing onto it. Seizing the moment, Kazarian retrieved a table from beneath the ring, positioning it for potential devastation. As he aimed for a high-impact move, attempting the Fade to Black through the table, Young narrowly evaded, countering with a piledriver attempt. However, Kazarian countered, tossing Young into the ring. The exchange escalated with Young unleashing a barrage of rights, but Kazarian resiliently held on. In a desperate move, Young resorted to biting Kazarian’s hand, aiming to force a backward crash, but Kazarian retaliated with a swift strike, executing a guillotine legdrop through the ropes.

From the stage, Kazarian retrieved a sizable ladder, hurtling it towards Young in the ring. Despite his intentions, Kazarian’s maneuver backfired as he missed a legdrop, colliding with the ladder instead.

Turning the tables, Young propelled Kazarian spine-first into the ladder, positioned against the buckles. He then unearthed an arsenal of weapons from beneath the ring, assaulting Kazarian with a variety of implements. Among them was Janice, Abyss’ infamous barbed wire spiked 2×4, sending a chill through Kazarian upon its sight. With both competitors vying for control, they each attempted to drive the other into the ominous weapon. The intense confrontation persisted until Kazarian spearheaded Young off the apron, crashing through the table below, eliciting a thunderous response from the crowd, chanting “TNA” in homage to the electrifying showdown.

Back in the ring, the relentless exchange continued as they traded heavy blows. Transitioning to unconventional weaponry, they wielded cookie sheets, raining down punishing strikes on each other. Despite the brutality, Young managed to connect with a devastating DVDR, earning a close two-count.

Refusing to yield, Kazarian surged back into the fray, ascending to the top rope. There, he strategically utilized a chain, encircling it around Young’s mouth and body to amplify the efficacy of his crossface chicken wing submission. However, Young retaliated ingeniously, reversing the situation by wrapping the chain around Kazarian’s throat, forcibly dragging him off the top rope.

As the battle intensified, Kazarian found himself ensnared under a trash can, leaving him vulnerable to Young’s onslaught. With a chair in hand, Young mercilessly assaulted the can, before scaling the turnbuckle. With precision, he executed a flying elbow drop onto Kazarian and the can, garnering another close two-count in this relentless war of attrition.

Kazarian retaliated fiercely, striking Young with a trash can before executing a punishing Tomakaze onto the ladder. Despite the brutality, Young managed to defy the odds, narrowly getting his shoulder up before the three-count. Undeterred, Kazarian introduced a table into the mix, stoking the anticipation of the crowd who fervently chanted for an inferno.

Seizing the moment, Kazarian ascended to the top rope, channeling his determination into a climactic maneuver. With precision and force, he unleashed the Flux Capacitor, driving Young through the table and securing the victory as the shattered remnants bore witness to their epic clash.

The crowd erupted in cheers as Kazarian emerged victorious, cementing his dominance in this grueling encounter.

In the aftermath, Gia Miller caught up with Nic Nemeth, who exuded confidence and determination. With his father and family in attendance, Nemeth declared that the time had come for a new era. Fueled by ambition, he vowed to claim the TNA Championship, ready to carve out his legacy in the annals of wrestling history.

As the anticipation for the upcoming Tag Team title bout reached its peak, a sudden interruption seized the attention of the audience. Stepping into the spotlight, Steve Maclin made a bold declaration, adamant about making his presence felt on this momentous night. Refusing to be overlooked, he demanded a match then and there, asserting that he wouldn’t depart until his request was granted.

Responding to the challenge, Santino Marella emerged to the delight of the crowd, greeted by a thunderous ovation. With characteristic charisma, Marella announced Maclin’s opponent: none other than the returning Mike Santana, whose comeback had been eagerly anticipated. The arena erupted in chants of support for Santana, welcoming him back with fervent enthusiasm.

Mike Santana vs. Steve Maclin

Maclin’s aggression met its match when Santana, undeterred, responded with a resounding slap. Swiftly seizing the momentum, Santana unleashed a barrage of clotheslines, sending Maclin tumbling over the top rope to the unforgiving floor below. With the crowd rallying behind him, Santana soared through the air, executing a breathtaking flip dive over the ropes, igniting chants of adulation from the audience.

Maclin seized control, ruthlessly driving Santana sternum-first into the turnbuckles before delivering a punishing clothesline. Pressing his advantage, Maclin relentlessly assaulted Santana against the ropes, nearly securing victory with a close two-count.

Santana found himself in a precarious position, hung upside down in the corner in the dreaded tree of woe. However, he managed to evade Maclin’s subsequent attack, turning the tables in his favor. With a burst of energy, Santana fought back, unleashing a flurry of offense that culminated in a devastating DVDR for a near fall.

The seesaw battle continued as Maclin countered with a knee strike and a flying headbutt, coming agonizingly close to victory with another two-count. However, Santana refused to stay down, rallying with a thunderous running boot to the face followed by a massive cannonball for yet another near fall.

As the intensity reached its zenith, both competitors dug deep, trading blows in a relentless back-and-forth struggle. In a critical moment, Maclin connected with his signature Crosshairs maneuver, but Santana summoned the resilience to kick out just in time. Finally, after a grueling contest, Santana managed to secure the victory, much to the delight of the ecstatic fans who had eagerly awaited his return.

The match showcased Santana’s determination to prove himself, while Maclin’s gritty performance underscored his reputation for delivering hard-hitting encounters. With their chemistry evident, the prospect of future rematches promises to deliver more electrifying action for fans to savor.

TNA Tag Team Champions Eddie Edwards & Brian Myers with Alisha Edwards vs. Speedball Mountain, Mike Bailey & Trent Seven

The matchup ignited with Bailey and Myers kicking off proceedings in the ring. Myers resorted to underhanded tactics, dragging Bailey by his hair towards his corner. However, Bailey’s explosive offense soon turned the tide, as he and Seven unleashed a flurry of double-team maneuvers on Edwards. Their momentum shifted when Seven’s knee met the unforgiving ring steps outside the ring, allowing The System to seize control.

With calculated precision, Edwards and Myers systematically targeted Seven’s injured knee, utilizing frequent tags to maintain their advantage. However, Bailey’s dynamic offense provided a glimmer of hope, as he unleashed a barrage of karate kicks and a breathtaking running shooting star press on Myers.

Bailey’s momentum was momentarily halted when Edwards countered with a vicious assault, driving him into the turnbuckles. But Seven’s return to the fray proved pivotal, as he executed a thunderous superplex, setting the stage for Bailey’s aerial assault. With precision timing, Bailey soared from the top rope with a spectacular shooting star press, narrowly missing victory.

The battle raged on, with Edwards and Seven exchanging brutal chops before Edwards targeted Seven’s injured knee once more, culminating in a punishing Tiger Driver. Edwards locked in a Boston Crab, while Myers trapped Bailey in a crossface, applying relentless pressure on their adversaries.

Yet, Bailey refused to capitulate, unleashing a furious onslaught of kicks that incapacitated Edwards momentarily. With an explosive burst of athleticism, Bailey launched himself into a breathtaking moonsault, wiping out Myers on the outside and shifting the momentum once more in favor of Speedball Mountain.

The fight raged on. Bailey delivered a decisive blow to Edwards with the Ultima Weapon, but Myers narrowly intervened in the nick of time to disrupt it. The crowd erupted into chants, declaring the match as nothing short of spectacular.

Bailey prepared to leap off the apron with a daring move, but before he could execute it, Myers intercepted him mid-air with a devastating spear, sending them crashing to the floor below. Meanwhile, Seven and Edwards exchanged blows inside the ring until the decisive combination of The Boston Knee Party and The Roster Cut sealed Seven’s fate.

In the end, The System emerged victorious, retaining their TNA Tag Team Championships! Yet another remarkable match that kept fans on the edge of their seats.

Alexander Hammerstone vs. Josh Alexander III – Last Man Standing match

The brawl ignited instantly as Alexander surged ahead, spurred on by the fervent chants of the crowd. He connected with a thunderous missile dropkick and attempted his signature C4 Spike, but Hammerstone forcefully tossed him aside. Despite the setback, Alexander retaliated with resilience, countering Hammerstone’s assault with a flurry of suplexes. As Alexander teetered on the apron, Hammerstone lunged for a running boot but found himself ensnared in the ropes, allowing Alexander to capitalize with a punishing slam.

The referee commenced the count, but Hammerstone rallied to his feet by the sixth second. Unrelenting, Hammerstone seized control, slamming Alexander into the unforgiving ring apron and nearly facing a count-out himself. Refusing to succumb, Alexander fought back fiercely, executing a vicious German suplex on the apron. With both competitors teetering on the brink of elimination, the intensity escalated.

Hammerstone’s aggression targeted Alexander’s ear, drawing blood and inflicting pain. Despite the onslaught, Alexander displayed resilience, fighting back with a relentless onslaught. With the tension mounting, Alexander unleashed a barrage of attacks, including a punishing ankle lock and a daring crossbody maneuver. The momentum swung back and forth as both competitors pushed themselves to the limit.

In a shocking turn of events, Alexander introduced a bag of thumbtacks into the fray, intensifying the brutality of their encounter. The chaos reached its peak as Hammerstone executed the Nightmare Pendulum onto the tacks, igniting a frenzy of pain and desperation. With each agonizing moment, the referee’s count echoed the relentless struggle for supremacy.

In a final act of defiance, Alexander summoned the strength to deliver a decisive C4 Spike on the unforgiving ramp, incapacitating Hammerstone and securing victory by count-out.

Your winner, in a match of unparalleled brutality, Josh Alexander!

The sheer brutality of the encounter transcended the need for thumbtacks, showcasing the raw physicality and unyielding determination of both competitors.

TNA Knockouts Champion Jordynne Grace vs. Steph De Lander

In a relentless back-and-forth exchange, neither competitor could gain a decisive advantage. Grace finally landed a thunderous forearm on Steph, attempting to capitalize with her signature move, The Juggernaut Driver, only to be thwarted by Steph’s resilience. Steph found herself sent crashing through the ropes, where Grace followed up with a breathtaking dive, showcasing her agility and determination.

Upon their return to the ring, Steph seized control, utilizing the environment to her advantage with Snake Eyes into the buckles followed by a ruthless choke against the ropes. Grace, however, refused to yield, rallying back with a determined sleeper hold, only to be interrupted by De Lander’s onslaught.

As the battle intensified, Grace and De Lander exchanged punishing maneuvers, each vying for supremacy. In a dramatic turn of events, Grace appeared to have Steph trapped in a precarious position, only for outside interference to disrupt the match’s flow.

With chaos descending upon the ring, PCO stormed into the fray, decimating The Good Hands and asserting his dominance. Yet, as tensions escalated, it was Sami Callihan who emerged as the ultimate disruptor, unleashing a barrage of attacks with a baseball bat, leaving a trail of destruction in his wake.

In the midst of the chaos, Grace seized the opportunity to deliver her devastating Juggernaut Driver, securing the victory and retaining her TNA Knockouts Championship.

Your winner, and still TNA Knockouts Champion, Jordynne Grace!

Amidst the chaos, the camera captured Ryan Nemeth and his father, Don Nemeth, providing a glimpse into the personal lives of these wrestling personalities, adding a touch of intimacy amidst the electrifying action.

TNA Champion Moose with The System vs. NJPW Global Champion Nic Nemeth

Nemeth dominated the early exchanges, dodging Moose’s clothesline attempt and launching a high-flying assault. However, Moose’s raw power came into play as he retaliated, slamming Nemeth onto the unforgiving apron and mocking the Nemeth family at ringside. Despite Moose’s relentless assault, Nemeth showcased his resilience, countering with impressive agility and offense.

The System’s interference prompted the referee to eject them from ringside, leveling the playing field. Nemeth continued to push Moose to his limits, locking in a tight sleeper hold that seemed unbreakable until Moose resorted to a desperate aerial maneuver to escape.

The battle spilled to the outside, with both competitors risking it all in pursuit of victory. Nemeth’s high-flying offense took its toll on Moose, but the champion proved his mettle with a series of devastating maneuvers. The intensity escalated as both men traded near falls and high-impact moves, leaving the audience on the edge of their seats.

In a breathtaking sequence, Nemeth nearly secured victory with a flurry of offense, but Moose’s resilience shone through as he countered with a thunderous spear, sealing the victory and retaining his TNA Championship in a thrilling main event.

As Moose celebrated his hard-fought victory with The System, a sudden interruption occurred. The arena plunged into darkness, and a familiar video played, signaling the arrival of none other than Broken Matt Hardy. With a resounding “AHA!” Hardy emerged, unleashing his signature Twist of Fate on Moose to the ecstatic chants of “DELETE” from the crowd.

In a dramatic conclusion, Hardy brandished the TNA title triumphantly as the broadcast came to a close, leaving fans buzzing with excitement.

Indeed, it was a truly remarkable show, capped off by an electrifying finale that left a lasting impression on all who witnessed it.

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