Kenny Omega was originally scheduled to team up with Chris Jericho to compete for the AEW World Tag Team Championships. However, Omega is currently sidelined due to diverticulitis, a serious medical condition that has required him to take a break from professional wrestling.

Omega’s situation became even more concerning when he encountered a life-threatening emergency with a 50% chance of death due to his severe illness. Reports indicated that he needed essential surgery for his recovery, but the procedure was postponed, leading to an indefinite break from his professional duties.

Kenny Omega mulled over the idea for a long time as he wasn’t sure if he truly needed surgery. According to Dave Meltzer in the Wrestling Observer Newsletter, Kenny Omega has a hospital stay upcoming for surgery related to diverticulitis. Omega had initially tried to avoid surgery, but over time, it became increasingly clear that the surgery would be necessary for his health and recovery.

While the surgery has been a topic of discussion for several months, it appears that Omega is now preparing to undergo the procedure and is currently waiting for a scheduled date.


”He also talked of having a bit of a stay in the hospital coming up. That is about surgery due to Diverticulitis. The surgery has been talked about for months and it looks like he will have it and is waiting for a date. He had tried to avoid it but as time went on, it was becoming more and more likely that wouldn’t be the case.”

Kenny Omega also recently admitted he is far from an in-ring return. It is expected that he will need several months to recuperate before being able to return to in-ring competition. Even then, Tony Khan remains optimistic about Kenny Omega’s AEW return.

How long do you feel Kenny Omega will be out of action after undergoing surgery? Let us know in the comments section below!

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