Kenny Omega was initially set to team up with Chris Jericho to pursue the AEW World Tag Team Championships. However, he is currently sidelined due to diverticulitis. Despite his absence, it appears he is still far from making an in-ring return.

Omega encountered a life-threatening situation with a 50% chance of death due to severe illness. Reports emerged suggesting that his essential surgery for recovery had been postponed, necessitating an indefinite break from his professional obligations.

While speaking on the Twitch stream, Kenny Omega provided fans with an update on his current health condition amid continuous inquiries about his potential return to wrestling. During a recent Twitch stream, Omega discussed his ongoing battle with diverticulitis and diverticulosis, and how he’s managing his condition with the help of medical professionals.

Omega credited the LifeMed Clinic in Baltimore for supporting him with supplements for general gut health and healing peptides, which have significantly improved his day-to-day well-being. He explained that he has been experiencing less inflammation, allowing him to eat and drink more comfortably.


Despite his progress, Omega acknowledged that he is not yet ready to return to the ring. He remains cautious about taking impacts or using his core for heavy lifts, as this could be risky given his current condition. He intends to take the necessary time and measures to fully recover before considering a return to wrestling.

“Even though I’m very much still dealing with the effects of diverticulitis and diverticulosis. There is this wonderful clinic, LifeMed Clinic over in Baltimore, and they have helped a number of wrestlers.

“They have done stuff with DPP and DDP Yoga. Their professionals were able to hook me up with a supplement line consisting of the stuff that I need for general gut health and healing peptides, has helped me feel very good in my day-to-day.

“Before, I was having one real bad day and one real good day. On streaming days, I would almost stay in bed until 5 PM to make sure I could do it. It’s something I wanted to do.

“IV drips, being hydrated, even though it sounds like a strange thing. When it’s bad, you don’t feel like digesting anything because drinking and eating hurts.

“With these supplements, a lot of my inflammation has gone down. I’m able to eat properly and drink more fluids without feeling discomfort.

“Aside from feeling sensitive to the touch, for a quick second I thought, ‘Oh my goodness, is it possible I’m able to go back without surgery?’ Nah.

“The first time I take someone’s double foot stomp, even if it’s Marko Stunt or Riho, something is probably going to blow. Even if Dobby walks on my belly, that’s a 21-pound cat.

“As good as I feel right now in my day to day and training, once impact starts to get involved or you have to use your core to do heavy lifts, that’s when things start to get dangerous. I’m going to have to make sure it’s all taken care of.”

Kenny Omega also admitted he doesn’t deserve to be an EVP. It is expected that he will need several months to recuperate before being able to return to in-ring competition. Even then, Tony Khan remains optimistic about Kenny Omega’s AEW return.

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